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Seeking guidance when accused of drug crimes in Wisconsin

Countless individuals in Wisconsin and elsewhere have been involved in routine traffic stops for various reasons over the years. Whether for a more serious offense, such as speeding, or simply for an issue with a headlight, these incidents can be stressful enough on their own. When it leads to additional criminal charges, the situation can quickly become significantly more severe. A woman has been accused of drug crimes after a recent traffic stop that is said to have taken place on Mother's Day.

Man accused of sex crimes related to alleged actions with underage girl

The internet can be a place of anonymity and uncertainty. This technological advancement has made it possible to easily connect with people from various regions across the country, without the need for a physical meeting. Although beneficial in numerous ways, communicating via online sources can also have a dark side. A 31-year-old man from another state was recently arrested in Wisconsin after being accused of sex crimes involving a minor.

Man accused of sex crimes 7 years after alleged incident

Facing criminal accusations can be extremely intimidating, especially when the incident is said to have taken place several years prior. However, this has occurred in many instances involving allegations of sex crimes involving minors, with many victims claiming to have been afraid to step forward at the time. A former teacher in Wisconsin is facing similar charges after a woman recently asserted that the two were involved in a sexual relationship around seven years ago while she was in high school.

Music teacher in Wisconsin facing allegations for sex crimes

Teachers often play a significant role in the development of students. Many individuals can recall their favorite teacher even after numerous years have passed. Unfortunately, the delicate balance between student/teacher relations has also led to criminal accusations for many individuals of a similar profession. A music teacher in Wisconsin was recently accused of sex crimes involving 14-year-old student.

Former school administrator accused of multiple sex crimes

When accused of a crime, some individuals may feel pressured to make a statement. In some cases, an accused individual may even confess to crimes under duress. Unfortunately, issuing an early statement or confession without first consulting with legal counsel can make the situation much more challenging to overcome. A former school administrator in Wisconsin may be experiencing similar difficulties after he was recently accused of multiple sex crimes.

Alleged domestic violence leads to multiple charges for man

Acts of violence are far too common in Wisconsin as well as various areas across the country. The penalties for similar crimes are severe, often lead to restraining orders and, in some cases, time behind bars. However, allegations of domestic violence may often be exaggerated, stemming from an argument that has grown out of control. A man is facing multiple charges after an alleged altercation at a local apartment complex.

Wisconsin man accused of sex crimes dating back to 1994

In order to convict an accused individual of sexual assault, he or she must be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. This process can be challenging, especially when the alleged incident is said to have taken place over 20 years ago. A Wisconsin man has recently been accused of sex crimes involving a minor in relation to an incident that supposedly occurred in 1994.

25-year-old man in Wisconsin accused of multiple drug crimes

Authorities across the country have put a great deal of time and effort into shutting down illegal drug operations over the years. Investigations into these operations have led to the arrest of countless individuals. Unfortunately, innocent bystanders can potentially get wrapped up in accusations simply by being at the wrong place at the wrong time. A man was recently arrested and accused of multiple drug crimes following the search of a residence in Wisconsin.

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