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Woman will need criminal defense after kidnapping nephew

A 32-year-old Colorado woman is facing 25 years in prison after being convicted for kidnapping a 4-day-old boy that she allegedly planned to attempt to pass off as her own child. The charges against the woman stemmed from an incident that occurred back on Feb. 5 when the woman removed her nephew from a home in Wisconsin without his parent's knowledge and later abandoned him behind a West Branch convenience store.

Asset forfeiture laws and drug crimes consequences in Wisconsin

When you are arrested on a drug charge, the penalties you could face can often be severe. Depending on the type of drug crime you are charged with, you could face many years of jail time and even a stiff fine. What you may not know, however, is that the state of Wisconsin has civil asset forfeiture laws that could lead to problems for even the members of your family who were not involved in your crime.

Wisconsin man arrested for sexual assaults in haunted house

A 52-year-old Kenosha, Wisconsin, man has been charged with three counts of fourth degree sexual assault. In addition, the man faces charges of disorderly conduct, as well as lewd and lascivious behavior. The charges against the man stemmed from a series of incidents that occurred on Oct. 5 when the man allegedly touched several people inappropriately as they were inside a haunted house.

When is a crime considered a federal offense?

When it comes to determining what makes a crime a federal offense, it is all about which body of government established the law that was broken. Although most of the crimes committed in the United States fall under the jurisdiction of the government of the state where the crime was committed, there are some crimes that actually fall under the jurisdiction of the national government.

Boy Scout volunteer faces charges for alleged sex crime

A 39-year-old Rothschild man is facing charges in Marathon County after being arrested by police in a regional child sting. The man, who worked as a volunteer for the Boy Scouts of America Samoset Council, has been charged with using a computer to facilitate a child sex crime.

What are examples of corporate crimes?

When you hear the term "corporate crime," you probably think about the head of an organization committing a crime, but in reality, a corporate crime is committed whenever any employee of a company does something illegal in an attempt to benefit the organization that they work for. Even if the head of the company or its managers have no idea that the crime is being committed, they could still be considered legally responsible for their employee's actions.

Wisconsin man faces charges for bank, bankruptcy fraud

A 57-year-old Milwaukee man is facing four counts of bankruptcy fraud and eleven counts of bank fraud after an indictment handed down by a federal grand jury on Oct. 7. According to court documents, the charges against the man stemmed from an investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation that began back in April 2012, after the man filed for bankruptcy in 2011.

Marijuana manufacturing laws still strict in Wisconsin

Although some states have recently started taking a more lenient approach when it comes to laws for manufacturing or growing marijuana, Wisconsin is not one of those states. In fact, drug manufacturing laws in the state of Wisconsin are not only strict, but they are often considered so broad that police officers may arrest you even if there is actually not much of a chance you will actually face conviction.

Wisconsin man held in alleged sexual assault of teenager

A 31-year-old man from Waupon, Wisconsin, is facing three counts of sexual assault of a child under 16 after appearing in the Dodge County Circuit Court on Sept. 30. The charges against the man stemmed from an alleged sexual assault of a 15-year-old teenager that reportedly occurred on Sept. 27.

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