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March 2016 Archives

Will white collar crime registries become widespread?

From fines to prison sentences, there are already a great deal of consequences a conviction on white collar crime charges can cause a person to face. Recently, one state, Utah, decided to add yet another: the possibility of being on a registry.

Misdemeanor and felony insurance fraud charges in Wisconsin

There are many different situations in which a person could find themselves making an insurance claim. When making such claims, being honest is critical. Lying in relation to an insurance claim could lead to person being accused of insurance fraud, a criminal offense. 

Fighting accusations of online solicitation of a minor

Protecting minors is something the government and society puts a high priority on. This can lead to law enforcement and prosecutors bringing a lot of resources to bear when building their cases against individuals they suspect of committing sex crimes against minors. For example, there are all sorts of tactics they might use when investigating and prosecuting individuals accused of soliciting a minor online

New state law restricts where certain sex offenders can live

When a person is convicted of a sex offense, they can lose many different freedoms they may have thought they would always have. One is the freedom to live wherever they choose. As we've discussed in previous posts, individuals who have received sex crime convictions can face various restrictions regarding where they can reside.

There are multiple types of credit card fraud offenses in WI

One thing that can lead to a Wisconsinite facing serious charges is being accused of credit card fraud. Now, in Wisconsin law, there is not a single credit card fraud offense that covers all fraudulent credit-card-related activity. Rather there are multiple types of credit card offenses.

How many degrees of sexual assault are there in Wisconsin?

When a person is accused of sexual assault, a big question they will likely have is: what consequences could I face if found guilty? This question is actually a pretty complex one with no one answer that covers all sexual assault cases. This is why going to an experienced criminal defense attorney for guidance and representation tailored to their individual case can be of such great importance for sexual assault suspects.

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