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The importance of criminal intent in underage pornography charges

In today's digital environment full of clickable links and misleading headlines, it is easy to end up on a website full of illegal images. Links to underage pornography can even appear in an otherwise authoritative-looking email, just waiting to ensnare curious Wisconsin residents. Unfortunately, possessing and distributing pornographic images of children is always a crime, even when it happened accidentally or unknowingly.

What does official misconduct mean?

In Wisconsin, official misconduct occurs when a public official engages in any illegal or improper acts. In addition to being a criminal offense, official misconduct is a violation of the official's duty to serve the public good rather than his or her own personal good. Official misconduct can take many different forms, which is why some public officials may not know or believe they have committed a crime.

Avoid the impact of drug charges with a solid defense

Allegations of drug crimes anywhere in America should be taken seriously, including in Wisconsin. Like other states, Wisconsin imposes severe penalties with a roster of prosecutors that seek conviction with aggression. Even minor drug possession charges can result in consequences that could impact the rest of your life and the lives of your family members.

Accused of copyright infringement? Seek legal help right away

Creative works and intellectual property are usually born from passion. Often, the creators of these works like to share them with other people. Today's digital technology makes this kind of sharing easier than ever, but it may also leave creative works at risk of copyright infringement. On the other hand, there are times when two or more individuals may have the same basic idea, resulting in creative works that seem quite similar.

Fighting against false allegations of sexual assault

Allegations that you have committed a sex crime can change your life in many negative ways, even if you are innocent. Often, legal cases involving sexual assault can quickly become public knowledge, leaving the defendants vulnerable to damage against their reputation and their personal dignity. As a result, many of those who have been falsely accused of or charged with sexual assault experience changes to their emotional and mental well-being on top of any legal penalties that could occur upon a conviction.

What constitutes police misconduct?

News headlines have caused vigorous debate about the lengths law enforcement officers may go to do their jobs. Some Wisconsin residents may be unfamiliar with the protections they have under the U.S. Constitution. Individuals have the right to be treated fairly in all legal proceedings.

Fight back against accusations of Internet criminal activity

Most people use computers or other devices to access the Internet on a daily basis. While most of the activities of the average person are usually legal, there are some activities that might actually be illegal but don't seem that way. We know that facing Internet crime charges can be frightening, especially when terms like cyberterrorism are being thrown around.

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