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2 facing drug crimes charges after running out of gas at night

Running out of gas can be an ordeal, and having to walk to a service station late at night could prove scary. While authorities may seek to lend a person a helping hand at such times, the situation can take a turn should they deem one's actions or behavior suspicious. Two individuals now stand accused of drug crimes after a late-night encounter led to the open air search of a vehicle in Wisconsin.

Motor vehicle searches: 5 FAQs on Supreme Court cases

In his song Cars Are Cars, Paul Simon wrote of someone who "once had a car that was more like a home." Simon wasn't referring to a motor home and reasonable expectation of privacy against police searches; his concerns were more existential, about feeling at home in a world filled with so many strangers.

Alleged undercover buy leads to allegations of drug crimes

While performing an investigation into the possible presence of drug activity, authorities may deploy informants in an attempt to make a controlled purchase. Once an informant claims to have purchased drugs from a person, police may use this information to attempt to obtain a warrant to perform a search of his or her residence and/or vehicle. Two individuals have been accused of drug crimes after an alleged purchase led to the search of a vehicle during a recent traffic stop in Wisconsin.

Violent crimes: 1 accused of homicide following domestic dispute

When a domestic dispute escalates into a physical altercation, it can be difficult to ascertain whether one's actions were taken out with malicious intent or as an act of self defense. Although violent crimes such as homicide carry serious penalties, there must be sufficient evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt before a conviction can be obtained. A 19-year-old man is reportedly facing homicide charges in relation to his alleged involvement in a recent fatal shooting in Wisconsin.

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