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Driving without headlights leads to allegations of drug crimes

When traveling at night, drivers inherently experience reductions in visibility, even with the use of headlights. Being out on the road late without headlights is not only dangerous, but it may also appear suspicious and may inevitably lead to a traffic stop if a driver encounters law enforcement agents. A 24-year-old woman has reportedly been accused of drug crimes under similar circumstances following a recent routine traffic stop in Wisconsin.

Investigation leads to fraud and theft charges for pharmacist

When it comes to taking inventory at work, employees are bound to make mistakes from time to time. While in most cases, such an error could only lead to disciplinary action, if a company feels as though a theft has occurred, an employee could face criminal charges. A pharmacist has recently been accused of theft and fraud after allegedly taking various types and amounts of drugs from her employer in Wisconsin.

What you need to know about swatting

Last December, a tragic incident made national news when a man made a fake phone call to authorities, claiming to be another man and saying he shot his father and had family members held hostage. Police took the call seriously and showed up at the second man’s home, fatally shooting him when they mistakenly believed he reached for a firearm. This is a prank known as swatting, and it is important for you and other Wisconsin residents to understand the potential consequences of making a false report to authorities.

1 charged with battery following physical altercation at a bar

When a physical altercation takes place, it might not be uncommon for those involved to fear for their safety. However, even if an action is taken in self defense, if one party suffers a serious injury in the process, the other could be left facing criminal charges. A man is reportedly facing battery charges after he allegedly stabbed a man during a fight at a bar in Wisconsin.

Illegal turn leads to arrest for drug crimes for 1 in Wisconsin

Although U-turns are illegal at many intersections, in most cases, a similar maneuver may prove uneventful. However, should authorities believe a driver is exhibiting suspicious behavior during such an act, they may choose to investigate the matter further. A woman in Wisconsin has recently been accused of drug crimes after a traffic stop involving similar circumstances allegedly led to a search of her vehicle and subsequent discovery of narcotics.

Wisconsin man accused of armed robbery regarding incident in 2016

In some cases, a conviction for criminal charges may depend on the evidence against an accused individual, as well as his or her ability to challenge the charges and evidence in court. Since the average person might not have experience in such matters, he or she may find it advisable to seek help from an attorney. A 30-year-old man in Wisconsin has recently been accused of armed robbery in relation to an incident that reportedly occurred in Jan. 2016.

Home visit leads to accusations of felony drug crimes for 2

It may not be uncommon for an individual to have numerous friends visit his or her home on a daily basis. However, if the visiting parties are suspected of involvement in drug activity, those inside the home could become subject to a criminal investigation. A recent search of a home in Wisconsin has reportedly led to the arrested of two individuals, each of whom stands accused of multiple drug crimes.

1 facing allegations of white collar crime in Wisconsin

Some businesses deem it necessary to allow certain employees to handle funds on a daily basis. Should a company believe an employee is abusing this privilege, it may choose to initiate an investigation. A woman has recently been accused of white collar crimes in relation to her alleged involvement in the embezzlement of over $100,000 from a property management company in Wisconsin.

Traffic stop leads to allegations of drug crimes for 2

Being involved in a traffic stop can be intimidating enough in its own right, and even more so should additional charges follow. Should authorities claim to catch the scent of illegal narcotics during this period, it may prompt them to perform a search of the vehicle, which could leave a person accused of drug crimes if narcotics are located within. Two men have been arrested and are now facing felony drug charges following a recent traffic stop in Wisconsin.

Violent crimes: 4 men charged with robbery in Wisconsin

When a person stands accused of involvement in a criminal act, he or she may feel intimidated by the subsequent process. Those who face allegations of violent crimes such as robbery might be unaware of their rights, potentially prompting a need to seek advice from an experienced attorney. Four individuals could be in search of such guidance after they were arrested in connection to a recent robbery in Wisconsin.

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