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1 facing allegations of white collar crime in Wisconsin

Some businesses deem it necessary to allow certain employees to handle funds on a daily basis. Should a company believe an employee is abusing this privilege, it may choose to initiate an investigation. A woman has recently been accused of white collar crimes in relation to her alleged involvement in the embezzlement of over $100,000 from a property management company in Wisconsin.

According to law enforcement agents, the investigation began when the owner of the company filed a complaint stating the woman had stolen funds. The owner informed authorities that the woman was allowed to write checks for the company, but that she wasn’t authorized to sign them. The owner became suspicious that she was stealing funds from the company by taking cash payments and issuing checks to herself under false pretenses.

While looking into the matter, investigators allegedly learned that the woman had written numerous checks to family members, and to herself, and had forged the necessary signatures in the process. The owner of the company also claims the woman admitted to the thefts upon being questioned about the matter. However, she recently entered a plea of not guilty in court, and she has been released on bond while awaiting further proceedings.

Accusations of white collar crimes can be intricate matters that may leave those accused uncertain of how to respond. Those facing similar charges could seek guidance from an experienced attorney for advice on the options available to them. An attorney can help a client in Wisconsin gain a better understanding of what to expect and assist him or her in preparing for subsequent legal proceedings.

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