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June 2016 Archives

3 Reasons why an eyewitness doesn't guarantee a guilty verdict

If you're facing criminal charges and the prosecution has an eyewitness lined up to give testimony, you're likely feeling discouraged about your case. However, research shows that eyewitness testimony is often unreliable in a courtroom. Here are a few reasons why you shouldn't give up hope just yet.

Wisconsin man accused of sex crimes, child pornography

As technology evolves, so do the laws regarding internet crimes, especially those concerning the distribution of pornography. Anyone in Wisconsin who is charged with distributing pornography has probably been under investigation for some time and should seek legal counsel who has extensive experience in this area of law. Those charged with sex crimes may also be facing an uncertain future.

Life after sex crimes convictions challenging in Wisconsin

When a person is convicted of a crime and successfully carries out the sentence ordered by the court, that person is often then released back into the community. Those convicted of sex crimes in Wisconsin are often required to maintain contact with authorities and civil officials by registering their presence in a neighborhood if they change residential locations. This seems to be causing challenges for several post-convicted offenders whose neighbors are in an uproar because they've moved into their village.

Wisconsin man fights sex crimes charges

Committing some crimes may mean spending time in prison, but other crimes may bring a lifetime of punishment, even after jail time has been served. In Wisconsin and other states, those convicted of sex crimes may receive long prison sentences followed by years of restrictions. Defending against these accusations may require complex legal strategies.

Why even the innocent can benefit from an attorney

There are many situations throughout life in which we decide to hire a professional. When we need to fix our roof, we call a roofer. When our car breaks down, we take it to a mechanic. And when we need to do our taxes, we take our paperwork to a tax preparer. So it would make sense that when we have legal problems, we would turn to an attorney.

Suspected drug crimes in Jefferson County Wisconsin

When facing drug charges in Wisconsin, it is impossible to determine ahead of time what the outcome will be in court. Often, results vary depending upon many different aspects of a situation, including but not limited to the type of legal representation a defendant retains before trial. Several people will likely be thinking about such things in the near future, after being arrested on suspicion of drug crimes in Jefferson County.

Woman charged with violent crimes in Wisconsin

When a person in Wisconsin is accused of a crime, a process unfolds wherein that person will be made to present a defense to the court. One would hope there would be a way to eradicate violent crimes from society. The fact remains, however, that charges of arson, murder and grand theft continue to occur after suspicious incidents in all parts of the nation.

Milwaukee man accused of sex crimes after incarceration

In certain circumstances, someone who has served time in prison after being convicted of a crime must continue to be monitored in some way after being released from jail. For instance, those who were convicted for violent sex crimes must continue to update their personal information in a registry once they are set free. Although laws vary by state, it is not uncommon for someone who has served a sentence for such crimes to be monitored for the rest of his or her life. A man in Milwaukee who was recently released from a secure treatment center was being tracked by a GPS bracelet before being accused of another offense.

Building strong defense when charged with white collar crimes

No one knows ahead of time how a court hearing will turn out when facing formal charges for a crime. White collar crimes occur on a rather frequent basis in Wisconsin, since the dawn of advanced technology and internet commerce/trade. However, just because one is accused of identity theft, fraud or tax evasion, does not necessarily guarantee that one will spend time behind bars.

Man and woman charged with drug crimes in Wisconsin

Many times, persons in Wisconsin accused of illegal wrongdoing are later able to explain a situation in such a way that they are no longer under suspicion. This is often the case where drug crimes are concerned. For instance, authorities may charge a person with a crime concerning a residence where drugs are found, but later determine the person had no idea the drugs were there.

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