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Protecting Your Right To A Fair Trial

A guilty verdict is not necessarily the end of your defense. If you feel that you have been wrongfully convicted or that your trial was conducted improperly, you have a limited time to seek the assistance of legal counsel to appeal the decision.

Appeals require attorneys with the tenacity to examine your case fully and extensive knowledge to help them navigate the complex appeals process. The attorneys of Kohn & Smith are prepared to help you file and present your appeal. Whether we have handled your case from the beginning or you are seeking new legal counsel to help appeal your case, our team’s decades of criminal defense experience could be the asset you need to overturn your wrongful conviction.

Guiding You Through Your Appeal

It is not rare for an innocent person to be wrongly convicted, which is why it’s necessary to seek the advice of an experienced attorney after you have received an unfavorable decision. You could have a strong case for an appeal if:

  • Your arrest was made without probable cause
  • Evidence was gathered improperly or used improperly in the trial process
  • Your previous counsel was ineffective
  • The prosecution acted unethically during your trial, which influenced the jury
  • The jury was given incorrect instructions
  • Jurors were not impartial as a result of inappropriate communication with attorneys or other misconducts
  • Sentencing errors were made

If your lawyer can establish that one of these errors was made during the criminal process and you win your appeal, your conviction will be overturned. In some cases, overturning a conviction means that you cannot be tried again for that crime. If the charge does remain, however, you may have the opportunity to make a new plea and have a new trial.

Your constitutional right to a fair trial is one of the pillars of our justice system. We are dedicated to protecting that right throughout the appeals process. Our attorneys have decades of combined experience that we leverage to ensure that you are treated justly at every stage of the process.

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