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Violent crimes: Physical altercation leads to arrest in Wisconsin

When it comes to a physical confrontation, it can be difficult for a person to determine the intentions of the other party or parties involved. This uncertainty could leave a person in fear for his or her safety, and if the subsequent actions leave another with serious injuries, it may also bring about allegations of violent crimes. A man has been taken into custody and is facing criminal charges after another person reportedly died from injuries he sustained during a recent altercation in Wisconsin.

Authorities assert they received reports of a physical altercation at around 5 p.m. on a recent Monday. While speaking with police, a witness reportedly claimed to have heard someone discharge a firearm. Upon arriving at the scene, authorities found a man lying on the ground with a gunshot wound to the leg. Although he was transported to a medical facility for treatment, he was pronounced dead the following day.

1 facing multiple white collar crimes charges in Wisconsin

When a company begins to experience periods of financial strain, its owners may wish to determine the root of its struggles. In some cases, a company might attempt to find someone on which to lay the blame, and the investigation can leave an employee accused of white collar crimes. A 44-year-old woman is reportedly facing numerous charges after allegedly embezzling money from several employers in Wisconsin.

While reportedly under investigation for another matter, authorities claim to have uncovered evidence suggesting that the woman had stolen more than $80,000 from one employer. They claim that while working as an accountant for the company, she wrote checks to herself without receiving authorization from the owner. She was subsequently accused of theft in a business setting and was taken into custody before being released on bond.

2 facing drug crimes charges after running out of gas at night

Running out of gas can be an ordeal, and having to walk to a service station late at night could prove scary. While authorities may seek to lend a person a helping hand at such times, the situation can take a turn should they deem one's actions or behavior suspicious. Two individuals now stand accused of drug crimes after a late-night encounter led to the open air search of a vehicle in Wisconsin.

Police claim they encountered a pedestrian walking with a gas can at around 1:30 a.m. on a recent Thursday. The man reportedly told officers that his car had ran out of gas and that someone had given him a ride to a service station. Authorities apparently requested that he provide identification, and claim that the name he gave them turned out to be false.

Motor vehicle searches: 5 FAQs on Supreme Court cases

In his song Cars Are Cars, Paul Simon wrote of someone who "once had a car that was more like a home." Simon wasn't referring to a motor home and reasonable expectation of privacy against police searches; his concerns were more existential, about feeling at home in a world filled with so many strangers.

On a concrete level, however, "cars are cars" in another sense: they (along with other vehicles such as motorcycles) are the subject of the so-called "automobile exception" to the usual requirement under the Fourth Amendment that offers must get a warrant before they can search someone's property.

In this post, we will use a Q & A format to inform you about two recent cases in the U.S. Supreme Court on the scope of the automobile exception.

Alleged undercover buy leads to allegations of drug crimes

While performing an investigation into the possible presence of drug activity, authorities may deploy informants in an attempt to make a controlled purchase. Once an informant claims to have purchased drugs from a person, police may use this information to attempt to obtain a warrant to perform a search of his or her residence and/or vehicle. Two individuals have been accused of drug crimes after an alleged purchase led to the search of a vehicle during a recent traffic stop in Wisconsin.

Law enforcement agents assert the investigation began when an undercover informant spoke with two individuals and set up a meeting to purchase cocaine. Prior to attending the meeting, the informant was searched by police and found not to be in possession of illegal narcotics. After attending the meeting, police claim the informant produced several small bags of a substance believed to be cocaine.

Violent crimes: 1 accused of homicide following domestic dispute

When a domestic dispute escalates into a physical altercation, it can be difficult to ascertain whether one's actions were taken out with malicious intent or as an act of self defense. Although violent crimes such as homicide carry serious penalties, there must be sufficient evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt before a conviction can be obtained. A 19-year-old man is reportedly facing homicide charges in relation to his alleged involvement in a recent fatal shooting in Wisconsin.

According to authorities, the incident began when they received reports of a domestic dispute at around 3:30 a.m. on a recent Saturday. Upon arriving at the location, they claim to have found the body of a 46-year-old man who had apparently succumbed to a gunshot wound. A mother and her son were also at the residence at the time of the altercation, and the son was taken into custody soon thereafter on suspicion of homicide.

Reports of alleged theft leads to allegations of drug crimes

Anyone can place a call to authorities accusing another party of involvement in unlawful behavior. However, before a conviction can be obtained, there must be sufficient evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. A woman is reportedly facing allegations of drug crimes following a recent investigation in which she was accused of stealing jewelry from a home in Wisconsin.

The investigation was initiated after police received reports from a person claiming that her son's girlfriend had stolen jewelry from her home and sold it at a pawn shop. Authorities also assert that a witness from the pawn shop admitted that the woman had visited the establishment several times over a 10 day span. The woman was located in her car and was taken into custody soon thereafter, and authorities proceeded to initiate a search of the vehicle.

White collar crimes: 1 facing felony charges in Wisconsin

A 22-year-old woman is reportedly facing felony identity theft charges after allegedly stealing and using the bank account information of several others in Wisconsin. White collar crimes such as identity theft carry serious consequences if a conviction is obtained. Those who face such charges could find it beneficial to consult with an attorney early on for assistance in forming a strong defense.

Authorities assert that the investigation began when they received reports that the woman and another individual had used stolen credit cards to make multiple purchases at a variety of stores. While investigating these alleged transactions, investigators claim they also discovered the two had stolen bank account information from as many as eight account holders. After allegedly locating video surveillance of the two making purchases with the stolen information, authorities obtained a warrant for their arrest.

Noisy exhaust leads to allegations of drug crimes for 2

Two individuals are reportedly facing criminal charges after they were allegedly found to be in possession of cocaine during a recent traffic stop in Wisconsin. Drug crimes carry serious consequences if a conviction is obtained, and since the criminal justice system can be complex, the average person may lack the necessary legal knowledge to know how to approach the situation. Those who face such charges may find it advisable to speak with an attorney for guidance in preparing for what comes next by focusing on their defense.

According to reports, law enforcement agents initiated the traffic stop after encountering a vehicle with a noisy exhaust pipe. Upon approaching the driver and asking about the pipe, officers claimed to have noticed that his eyes were bloodshot. After deciding to investigate the matter further and finding out that he was on probation, they proceeded to initiate field sobriety tests.

Federal agent suspected of sex crimes

A 53-year-old man from Oconomowoc is facing serious charges after accusations of rape surfaced that span some four years. The man, who purportedly identified himself as a federal agent to his alleged victims, is facing five felony counts of sexual assault. As sex crimes are taken very seriously in Wisconsin, he could spend years in jail if a court finds him guilty. 

Several women have come forward to identify the man as an alleged rapist and stalker. These women have accused him of aggressively pursuing them. They say he used his status as an agent of the U.S. Department of State Diplomatic Security Services to terrorize and manipulate them into nonconsensual sex acts over the course of the last four years. 

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