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1 charged with battery following physical altercation at a bar

When a physical altercation takes place, it might not be uncommon for those involved to fear for their safety. However, even if an action is taken in self defense, if one party suffers a serious injury in the process, the other could be left facing criminal charges. A man is reportedly facing battery charges after he allegedly stabbed a man during a fight at a bar in Wisconsin.

The incident is said to have taken place at the bar on a recent Friday night when two men became involved in a physical confrontation. Upon arriving at the scene, authorities assert the man was waiting outside the establishment and claimed he was assaulted by the other party. However, several witnesses allegedly told officers the man had pulled out a knife and stabbed the other person.

Illegal turn leads to arrest for drug crimes for 1 in Wisconsin

Although U-turns are illegal at many intersections, in most cases, a similar maneuver may prove uneventful. However, should authorities believe a driver is exhibiting suspicious behavior during such an act, they may choose to investigate the matter further. A woman in Wisconsin has recently been accused of drug crimes after a traffic stop involving similar circumstances allegedly led to a search of her vehicle and subsequent discovery of narcotics.

According to reports, authorities received reports of a vehicle attempting to make an illegal U-turn and impeding traffic on a recent Wednesday. Law enforcement agents claim to have located the vehicle shortly thereafter and say the driver was swerving in and out of lanes. After initiating a routine traffic stop, officers claim the driver began providing excuses for her behavior, and that a strong smell of marijuana was emanating from the vehicle.

Wisconsin man accused of armed robbery regarding incident in 2016

In some cases, a conviction for criminal charges may depend on the evidence against an accused individual, as well as his or her ability to challenge the charges and evidence in court. Since the average person might not have experience in such matters, he or she may find it advisable to seek help from an attorney. A 30-year-old man in Wisconsin has recently been accused of armed robbery in relation to an incident that reportedly occurred in Jan. 2016.

Authorities assert the incident began when the owners of a local convenience store left the door unlocked while counting money from the cash register. While performing this task, they claim a person walked in and drew out a firearm. While pointing the gun at them, the man allegedly jumped behind the counter and stole a box of money before fleeing the scene.

Home visit leads to accusations of felony drug crimes for 2

It may not be uncommon for an individual to have numerous friends visit his or her home on a daily basis. However, if the visiting parties are suspected of involvement in drug activity, those inside the home could become subject to a criminal investigation. A recent search of a home in Wisconsin has reportedly led to the arrested of two individuals, each of whom stands accused of multiple drug crimes.

According to reports, the incident began when authorities were called out to the location to assist the local department of human services in a home visit. While at the home, authorities claim to have identified several visitors that were suspected of involvement in drug-related activity. A search of the home allegedly uncovered the presence of various types and amounts of illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia, including marijuana and methamphetamine residue.

1 facing allegations of white collar crime in Wisconsin

Some businesses deem it necessary to allow certain employees to handle funds on a daily basis. Should a company believe an employee is abusing this privilege, it may choose to initiate an investigation. A woman has recently been accused of white collar crimes in relation to her alleged involvement in the embezzlement of over $100,000 from a property management company in Wisconsin.

According to law enforcement agents, the investigation began when the owner of the company filed a complaint stating the woman had stolen funds. The owner informed authorities that the woman was allowed to write checks for the company, but that she wasn't authorized to sign them. The owner became suspicious that she was stealing funds from the company by taking cash payments and issuing checks to herself under false pretenses.

Traffic stop leads to allegations of drug crimes for 2

Being involved in a traffic stop can be intimidating enough in its own right, and even more so should additional charges follow. Should authorities claim to catch the scent of illegal narcotics during this period, it may prompt them to perform a search of the vehicle, which could leave a person accused of drug crimes if narcotics are located within. Two men have been arrested and are now facing felony drug charges following a recent traffic stop in Wisconsin.

According to reports, the incident began when authorities initiated a traffic stop for unknown reasons on a recent Friday. Upon approaching the vehicle, they claim to have caught a strong scent of marijuana coming from the vehicle, and decided to further investigate the matter. During a search of the vehicle, police allegedly unearthed the presence of over 10 ounces of marijuana, as well as one gram of cocaine and drug paraphernalia.

Violent crimes: 4 men charged with robbery in Wisconsin

When a person stands accused of involvement in a criminal act, he or she may feel intimidated by the subsequent process. Those who face allegations of violent crimes such as robbery might be unaware of their rights, potentially prompting a need to seek advice from an experienced attorney. Four individuals could be in search of such guidance after they were arrested in connection to a recent robbery in Wisconsin.

The incident is said to have taken place just before 7 p.m. on a recent Friday at a cell phone store. Employees told authorities that the men came into the store wearing masks and gloves and began making demands. According to reports, the men allegedly forced them into a back room and proceeded to take as much as $20,000 worth of cell phones.

Alleged robbery leads to accusations of felony drug crimes for 5

For individuals who are accused of involvement in drug activity, the outcome of the situation could have a significant impact on the rest of their lives. A conviction for drug crimes carries serious repercussions, the penalties for which may only become more severe if the crime takes place near a school. Five individuals have been arrested and accused of involvement in drug activity following the search of a home that is just across the street from an elementary school in Wisconsin.

The incident in question reportedly stems from a recent investigation into a robbery at a local apartment complex. After locating two men who were allegedly involved in the robbery, authorities claim they were advised of the location of the stolen goods. While searching the house, which sits across from an elementary school, police allegedly unearthed the presence of numerous types and amounts of illegal drugs, including as much as 137 grams of cocaine.

Supreme Court Rules on Claims Of False Arrests at House Party

It's become known as the "Peaches" case. In March 2008, District of Columbia police were called to a raucous party at a vacant house in DC.

Someone let the cops in. The officers thought they smelled marijuana, took note of a chaotic scene with beer bottles scattered about, and arrested all 21 partygoers on trespass charges.

More than one guest contended, however, that a mysterious woman named Peaches had given them permission to be there.

How did this case play out in court? And what can we learn from it about Fourth Amendment protections against unlawful searches and seizures?

3 accused of drug crimes after alleged admission of possession

When law enforcement agents encounter a driver that is exhibiting reckless behavior, a traffic stop will generally ensue. While in some cases, this may only lead to a citation and monetary fine, should officers have reasonable suspicion of additional offenses, they may choose to further investigate. A recent traffic stop that took place under similar circumstances has led to the arrest of three individuals in Wisconsin, each of which stands accused of drug crimes.

Law enforcement agents assert the incident began when they encountered a driver who was unable to maintain proper lane control and operating with a burnt-out brake light. A traffic stop was initiated, and upon approaching the driver, they claim to have caught the odor of marijuana emanating from within the vehicle. Officers failed to locate drugs during a subsequent search of the vehicle.

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