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May 2016 Archives

Wisconsin communities often upset by violent crimes

In Wisconsin and all other states, communities are often thrown off kilter when one of their own is accused of a serious crime. Violent crimes occur in all types of neighborhoods and usually evoke strong emotions against those accused. The justice system of the United States, however, requires that all defendants are fully entitled to the presumption of innocence unless and until proved otherwise by prosecutors in criminal court.

Wisconsin authorities arrest local teacher for alleged sex crimes

In Wisconsin and all other states, there are very strict laws regarding sexual activity with minors. Those convicted of sex crimes may face extended time in prison and be forced to register as offenders for the rest of their lives. The outcome of each situation often depends on effective legal representation.

Drug crimes can carry severe penalties in Wisconsin

No one wants to go through life with a record of serious criminal offenses. However, convictions for drug crimes -- in Wisconsin or elsewhere -- can create lifelong issues. This is why any type of drug charge should be considered serious. Most people facing such accusations have a lot at stake and will want to do all that is possible to build a strong defense.

Gone Phishing? You Could Face Jail Time.

Phishing is an attempt to fraudulently obtain someone's confidential information by impersonating or claiming partnership with a well-known business or organization. The goal of most phishing scams is to obtain financial information, such as bank account information or credit card numbers. However, you could be charged with an Internet crime any time you attempt to obtain confidential information under false pretenses, even if you do not use it for financial gain.

White collar crimes in Wisconsin often involved financial fraud

Typically, it is logical to think of hiring an attorney if one is arrested under suspicion of a financial crime in Wisconsin. However, it often proves beneficial to retain legal guidance in such matters even before an arrest has taken place. In fact, an experienced criminal defense lawyer is often able to begin building a strong defense during a formal investigation, which may later result in a reduction or dismissal of white collar crimes charges, or other offenses, if an arrest does take place.

Wisconsin hotel rooms may be locations of white collar crimes

When one checks into a hotel in Wisconsin or elsewhere in the nation, one does not typically expect police to arrive at the door asking to search the room. White collar crimes cover a wide genre of offenses, from tax fraud and money laundering to identity theft and other fraudulent activities. Being accused of a crime immediately places one's reputation at risk. Minimizing the long-term negative impact of such incidents often depends on the type of defense one is able to present in court.

3 things to know about credit card fraud charges

While one's reputation is on the line with any type of criminal charge, a certain social stigma also comes with facing credit card fraud charges. Even for the person who is simply just charged -- and not convicted -- some may be quick to jump to judgment. This makes it even more important to set the story straight.

White collar crimes apparently on the rise in Wisconsin

Being accused of identity theft or other criminal mischief in Wisconsin does not constitute a person's guilt. As in all other states, anyone facing criminal charges is to be presumed innocent unless proved otherwise by a judge or jury. Penalties if convicted of white collar crimes can be quite severe, resulting not only in extended prison time but substantial monetary fines to be paid as retribution as well.

Past sex crimes cause ongoing challenges for many in Wisconsin

Some people in Wisconsin may be among those who have made decisions in life that, at some point, they regret. Most hope to have opportunities to overcome such obstacles and forge better paths for themselves in the future. When it comes to past sex crimes, however, it seems that those convicted in this state experience many long-lasting negative effects even after they have served their sentences.

Facing legal repercussions related to drug crimes in Wisconsin

Being accused of illegal drug activity in Wisconsin is a serious situation. One's good standing in the community is often on the line when allegations of drug crimes are leveled. Anyone charged with such crimes should remember that being accused is not the same as being guilty.

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