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Past sex crimes cause ongoing challenges for many in Wisconsin

Some people in Wisconsin may be among those who have made decisions in life that, at some point, they regret. Most hope to have opportunities to overcome such obstacles and forge better paths for themselves in the future. When it comes to past sex crimes, however, it seems that those convicted in this state experience many long-lasting negative effects even after they have served their sentences.

One man who is no longer in prison recently lamented the fact that he does not seem to be able to escape his past, which apparently is permanently documented for public viewing. At the young age of 19, he apparently had an altercation with his girlfriend over whether he would be permitted to see his daughter. At some point, he says, the argument intensified, and he made the very poor decision to force himself sexually upon the young woman.

The man, now 44, says that he greatly regrets the decisions he made that day. He has served his time; but, due to the fact that he must always register as a sex offender in the state, he has had great difficulty moving on in life and showing others that he is a changed person. Although he is married, the landlord where his wife lives will not permit him to live with her because of his past; therefore, he can only visit.

The above case illustrates the very serious consequences that being convicted of sex crimes in Wisconsin can have on a person’s life. Anyone facing such charges is advised to seek immediate legal guidance. Many times, the difference between a lengthy prison term and a more positive outcome lies in the experienced support a knowledgeable criminal attorney is typically able to provide.

Source:, “Wisconsin sex offenders branded for life”, Sharon Roznik, April 25, 2016

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