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Drug crimes can carry severe penalties in Wisconsin

No one wants to go through life with a record of serious criminal offenses. However, convictions for drug crimes — in Wisconsin or elsewhere — can create lifelong issues. This is why any type of drug charge should be considered serious. Most people facing such accusations have a lot at stake and will want to do all that is possible to build a strong defense.

Every person charged with a crime has the right to seek effective legal representation in the matter. Illegal drug activities encompass various types of incidents, from possession, manufacturing and selling to distributing, using or aiding others in any of these potential offenses. Because laws for such infractions vary by state, it is typically best to seek experienced guidance before facing charges in court.

At Kohn & Smith, our experienced trial attorneys have successfully resolved many types of situations involving drug charges both in and outside the courtroom. When we begin an investigation, we typically check to make sure that all evidence to be offered in support of the accusations has been collected in a lawful manner. Many times, this is not the case, and we can then challenge a portion or all of the evidence in court.

There is no typical answer for what the future will look like for someone who has been charged with drug crimes in Wisconsin. Every situation is different and outcomes often vary, even when similar charges are litigated. Retaining strong legal defense assistance is often key to avoiding incarceration and obtaining a positive outcome with minimal negative impact.

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