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White collar crimes in Wisconsin often involved financial fraud

Typically, it is logical to think of hiring an attorney if one is arrested under suspicion of a financial crime in Wisconsin. However, it often proves beneficial to retain legal guidance in such matters even before an arrest has taken place. In fact, an experienced criminal defense lawyer is often able to begin building a strong defense during a formal investigation, which may later result in a reduction or dismissal of white collar crimes charges, or other offenses, if an arrest does take place.

A woman in another state is currently facing several charges that include identity theft, scheme to defraud and grand theft. Authorities say she used stolen credit card information to help at least 10 other women pay for breast implant surgeries and other medical procedures. Apparently, the woman would charge a fee to her prospective clients before she provided the information they needed to pay for their surgeries.

All told, more than a dozen arrests took place as a result of a 1-year police investigation. Officials say that more than $50,000 in charges were accrued on various credit card accounts in the alleged scheme. They also reported that the woman’s cell phone number was registered as the contact number on at least 16 different credit card accounts. Investigators claim she used the scheme as a means for full-time income.

Many in Wisconsin are currently facing similar white collar crimes charges. Potential legal repercussions in every incident will vary. To build as strong a defense as possible, a defendant is advised to secure aggressive and effective legal representation before standing trial.

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