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July 2017 Archives

1 accused of domestic violence after alleged shotgun threats

Countless individuals have face criminal charges following a domestic dispute. Although in many cases these may simply involve a battle of words, such disputes can quickly become dangerous if weapons are present. A Wisconsin man is currently facing domestic violence charges after allegedly pulling out a shotgun and threatening others at a nearby home.

1 accused of felony drug crimes after raid in Wisconsin

A man is reportedly facing numerous drug-related charges after the recent search of a residence in Wisconsin. Countless individuals have been accused of drug crimes under similar circumstances over the years. When facing a similar situation, an accused individual may often choose to prepare for subsequent legal proceedings by focusing on his or her defense with guidance from an attorney.

2 accused of violent crimes following alleged armed robbery

Two Wisconsin men are facing charges for armed robbery after an alleged incident that is said to have led to the death of another individual. One of the accused also faces felony murder charges after authorities claim to have found evidence that ties him to the scene. Violent crimes of this nature carry severe penalties, and if convicted, both could be facing numerous consequences, including time behind bars.

Traffic stop leads to further accusations of alleged drug crimes

When someone is accused of a crime, it may seem easier to point a finger in a different direction. Those facing similar circumstances may even believe that offering up the names of those allegedly higher up the chain may improve their own situation. Four individuals in Wisconsin have been arrested for numerous drug crimes after a recent traffic stop allegedly unearthed inside information of a local methamphetamine operation.

Man faces domestic violence charges following alleged assault

While many domestic disputes may not involve much more than a verbal spat, in some cases, the situation can grow way out of hand and become physical. Domestic violence is a major issue in many areas, and can have devastating consequences for everyone involved. A Wisconsin man is currently facing multiple charges after an alleged altercation with his significant other.

2 arrested, accused of multiple drug crimes in Wisconsin

Individuals who are accused of a drug-related crime may often find the subsequent process to be intimidating. With the severity of the potential consequences for drug crimes such as possession with intent to deliver, many of the accused may wish to protect themselves throughout this stressful period. However, they may be uncertain how to achieve this goal. A man and a woman are facing similar charges after the recent search of a Wisconsin residence.

1 facing multiple sex crimes after allegedly enticing a minor

The internet offers a certain ease of access for those who are seeking to connect with others online. Countless individuals might have found a friendship or relationship through similar channels, perhaps with someone who they did not physically meet for months. However, there may also some risks involved with the anonymity of similar outlets, some of which can lead to criminal allegations. A 31-year-old man has recently been accused of using the internet to facilitate sex crimes in Wisconsin.

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