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Traffic stop for suspended license results in drug crimes arrest

Before the search of a vehicle can be initiated, authorities must have reasonable suspicion of criminal activity. If one's rights are violated during search procedures, the evidence that is found in the process may be deemed inadmissible. A person in Wisconsin was recently arrested and accused of drug crimes following a search that took place during a routine traffic stop.

Felony murder charge without committing violent crimes?

When Wisconsin residents face criminal charges, the possible penalties may be severe. If someone died during the commission of the alleged offense, an additional charge of felony murder may be filed. It is not necessary to be charged with violent crimes in order for prosecutors to add this charge.

Woman charged with forgery and other white collar crimes

When someone in Wisconsin is accused of embezzlement, it is usually following a long and complicated investigation. In some cases, a financial irregularity is found, and the money trail is traced back to the person who had the most frequent access to business accounts. That person may be charged with white collar crimes, which are sometimes federal cases, and he or she may face harsh penalties if convicted.

What are the most common types of cybercrimes?

Many people in Wisconsin who commit crimes online fall prey to the false sense of security that the internet provides. Some of these individuals may not be aware that some of their online activities are illegal and can result in them receiving criminal charges. Others are aware of their illegal actions and do not believe anyone will catch them.

Former police officer charged with homicide in Wisconsin

A great deal can happen in the span of a couple of seconds. For law enforcement agents in pursuit of a suspect, the actions and decisions made in this short amount of time could mean the difference between life and death. A former police officer in Wisconsin has been accused of violent crimes and is now facing homicide charges after an incident involving the death of a man who was in possession of a gun and attempting to evade arrest.

3 accused of multiple drug crimes following search of 2 locations

Crimes related to drug possession and/or delivery carry severe penalties if a conviction is obtained. Along with the potential of a prison sentence, this can also lead to a permanent mark on a person's criminal record, which can create challenges in various avenues of life. Three individuals are facing similar consequences after recently being arrested and accused of multiple drug crimes in Wisconsin.

Teacher's aide arrested and accused of sex crimes in Wisconsin

Individuals in Wisconsin and elsewhere who are accused of a crime may often be uncertain how to proceed. Sex crimes carry severe penalties should a conviction be obtained, and allegations alone are often intimidating. A 23-year-old teacher's aide is likely focused on her defense after she was recently accused of having sexual relations with two minors.

2 accused of alleged solicitation of minor online

Internet chat rooms can give an individual the ability to pretend to be someone else. Although many conversations that take place online are harmless, some may be undertaken with ulterior motives in mind. Two Wisconsin men have recently been accused of sex crimes after allegedly soliciting a minor through online sources.

New legislation would place act of stealthing under sex crimes

Many individuals have been accused of a crime concerning an act that they believed to be consensual. Sex crimes have severe penalties that can have a significant impact on the future of an accused individual, especially if a conviction is obtained. A lawmaker in Wisconsin has reportedly submitted new legislation that would classify the term known as stealthing as sexual assault.

1 accused of white collar crimes including theft and fraud

Individuals who are accused of identity theft often find the process to be stressful and overwhelming. Convictions for similar white collar crimes are severe, and increase in accordance with the amount allegedly stolen. A woman from another state is facing charges in Wisconsin after she allegedly stole a wallet from a vehicle and withdrew a substantial amount from the other party's bank account.

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