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3 accused of multiple drug crimes following search of 2 locations

Crimes related to drug possession and/or delivery carry severe penalties if a conviction is obtained. Along with the potential of a prison sentence, this can also lead to a permanent mark on a person’s criminal record, which can create challenges in various avenues of life. Three individuals are facing similar consequences after recently being arrested and accused of multiple drug crimes in Wisconsin.

Authorities claim to have uncovered information indicating that one of the individuals was involved in the sale of methamphetamine at two separate locations. Upon executing a search warrant at her place of residence, along with a local hotel room, police allegedly unearthed almost 700 grams of the drug, along with various drug paraphernalia. In addition, police say they also found a ledger that indicated previous drug sales in the amount of $20,000.

No indication was given as to the exact nature of the information that led to the searches, such as alleged purchases made by an undercover informant or a complaint of drug activity. Three individuals were arrested following these events, each of which is facing multiple charges in relation. With the gravity of the potential consequences they now face, each of them might be preparing for the road ahead by focusing on their defense.

Facing accusations for drug crimes can be an intimidating and challenging process, and seeking assistance in the early stages is advisable. Those who are accused of a similar crime often retain the services of a defense attorney for assistance in navigating the process. By evaluating the charges and evidence against an accused individual, an attorney in Wisconsin can assist a client in forming a strong defense with which to pursue the most favorable outcome achievable during court proceedings.

Source:, “La Crosse police make massive methamphetamine bust“, Deb Brazil, June 7, 2017

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