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Seeking help when accused of white collar crimes in Wisconsin

Police officers sometimes make mistakes. Not all people charged with white collar crimes in Wisconsin are convicted in court. Many times, prosecutors are unable to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the person charged has committed the crime of which he or she is accused. Since burden of proof lies with the prosecution in such matters, failure to provide sufficient evidence means a defendant can avoid conviction. 

Courtroom fills with tears as teacher is sentenced for sex crimes

In Wisconsin and other states, it is illegal for an adult to have sexual contact of any kind with a child of minor age. Doing so places one at great risk for being convicted of a serious crime and spending time in prison. A woman who is currently suspended from her job as a school teacher was apparently surprised to learn she is going jail after pleading guilty to sex crimes

Prosecutors limited when litigating alleged sex crimes

If a person in Wisconsin is arrested and charged with sex-related offenses, this does not mean prosecutors have free rein in court. There are limitations regarding what types of evidence may be submitted in situations where allegations of child pornography or other sex crimes are concerned. A defendant who seeks clarification of the law before going to court may have a better chance of obtaining a positive outcome.

Wisconsin home scene of alleged drug crimes, 5 arrested

Being arrested on suspicion of illicit drug activity is obviously a serious matter. Life abruptly changed for five people in Wisconsin after a recent visit from several sheriff's deputies. All five persons have been arrested on suspicion of various drug crimes. Police officers apparently entered and searched a Western Avenue home where those arrested were located at the time and claim to have found substantial amounts of drugs inside.

Invoking the Sixth Amendment could save your case

Whether you are a first-time alleged offender or you have been arrested before, criminal charges can push you to the limits. Too many Americans face the challenging reality of defending themselves against criminal charges on an annual basis. The stresses of this situation can be overwhelming.

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