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Seeking help when accused of white collar crimes in Wisconsin

Police officers sometimes make mistakes. Not all people charged with white collar crimes in Wisconsin are convicted in court. Many times, prosecutors are unable to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the person charged has committed the crime of which he or she is accused. Since burden of proof lies with the prosecution in such matters, failure to provide sufficient evidence means a defendant can avoid conviction.

In other situations, it becomes obvious that an error has been made. For instance, charges may have been filed under a case of mistaken identity. If this has happened to you, requesting immediate assistance from a criminal defense attorney is your best bet to rectify the situation in a timely manner.

By definition, a white collar crime is a non-violent act that is perpetrated under false pretenses for financial gain. This can involve illicit use of a credit card, electronic wire fraud, money laundering or any number of other offenses that are punishable in criminal court. The last thing you may want to do during the 2016 holiday season is spend your time fighting against criminal charges.

If you are in a currently facing charges of white collar crimes in Wisconsin and would like to seek guidance in the matter, you may contact Kohn & Smith to arrange a consultation. We have successfully defended many clients throughout the state accused of theft, fraud and other related matters. Some of our clients actually contact us during investigations, before any arrests take place, to allow us to begin preparing a strong defense should they later need one.

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