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Wisconsin Craigslist solicitation results in sex crimes charges

Just the attempt to commit a criminal act can result in charges being filed, no matter the outcome. Additionally, attempting to solicit another person to commit a crime, even if the offense is never undertaken, is a punishable offense. A Wisconsin man was recently alleged to have used Craigslist to solicit another man to commit sex crimes, with charges being filed for attempted sexual assault and kidnapping.

Wisconsin man facing charges of sex crimes against a child

Being charged with a serious crime, especially when it involves a child, can result in some of the most extreme restrictions and penalties handed out in the state of Wisconsin. A St. Croix County judge has demonstrated this by imposing a bail amount of $100,000 upon a Somerset man alleged to have committed sex crimes against a child. The man is said to be unable to pay this amount and remains in jail, eliminating any potential risk of flight from the charges, which carry a maximum 150-year jail sentence if guilty verdicts are reached.

Wisconsin city identified as a hub for sex crimes

Sex trafficking is considered a modern form of slavery, where children and adults are forced to engage in sex acts for money against their will. Included are online sex crimes such as the exploitation of children and live sex through prostitution. The traffickers (pimps) are known to coerce the victims through such things as threats, violence, lies and bondage to debts.

Sex crimes and kidnapping charges filed against Wisconsin man

Criminal accusations of any kind can be life-changing, especially when the alleged act involves sex crimes. Just the allegation of sexual misconduct can do irreparable damage a person's reputation within the community. A Wisconsin man recently charged with sex crimes and felony kidnapping could potentially serve jail time and be forced to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

White collar crimes charges filed against Wisconsin couple

The potential ramifications for a person accused by an employer of embezzlement can be life-changing. Detailed public charges of wrongdoing on part of the accused can make it seem that the alleged crime is indefensible. White collar crimes in Wisconsin can result in jail time, fines and restitution on part of those convicted.

6 in Wisconsin home charged for drug crimes

Illicit drugs have, unfortunately, become a part of everyday life for many Wisconsin residents. It can be from a local or nationwide news reports of drug-related activities, or by a friend or family member being directly affected by addiction. Some local residents who seem to lead normal lives one day are arrested for drug crimes the next.

Internet sex crimes: What they are and where you can seek support

Laws governing matters regarding internet sex offenses vary by state. Sex crimes over the internet often include child pornography, solicitation or other inappropriate interactions with minors. Since 2009, it has been estimated that sexual offenses perpetrated online have increased threefold in Wisconsin and throughout the nation.

3 men, 1 woman suspected of drug crimes in Wisconsin

The new year might not have gone exactly as planned for three men and one woman in Wisconsin. On a recent Thursday, police in Marshfield placed them all under arrest. The incident was part of a drug crimes investigation that had been ongoing since November 2016.

4 reasons teen sexting laws might not be fair

Much has been said about the habits teens have in using technology. Undoubtedly, many of them are unwise, but even the most attentive parents may have trouble preventing their kids from engaging in such behaviors. According to Time, in fact, most teens admit to sexting before they turn 18. Though you may expect your kid to exchange some questionable text messages, you likely would not expect it to result in criminal charges. This is a possibility, though, and there are many reasons such laws are unfair. 

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