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Wisconsin city identified as a hub for sex crimes

Sex trafficking is considered a modern form of slavery, where children and adults are forced to engage in sex acts for money against their will. Included are online sex crimes such as the exploitation of children and live sex through prostitution. The traffickers (pimps) are known to coerce the victims through such things as threats, violence, lies and bondage to debts.

Human trafficking, a $31 billion dollar industry annually, is fueled mainly by the multiple ways to purchase sex online. Wisconsin investigators say that the pervasiveness of the internet and its speed has led to this, but locally, they are also seeing an increase in cases of prostitution. The Ashwaubenon Public Safety investigator says that there have been 136 arrests for prostitution-related offenses in the community since 2014. The official confirms that most often these people are not prostitutes by choice but are being coerced in some fashion.

Other major contributors to the problems are the major highways in the area. Heavy truck traffic exists, and there is a truck stop in the area that ranks third in Wisconsin for sex trafficking. Also, sex crimes are said to be occurring in high schools and malls. High profits can lead to more and more trafficking since pimps can make substantial amounts of money, especially when several victims are being used by one trafficker.

If a person is charged with sex crimes related to sex trafficking, it would be wise for him or her to contact an experienced defense attorney as quickly as possible. Severe penalties exist in Wisconsin that can result from a conviction. However, options do sometimes exist that a lawyer can explain and use to form a defense against the charges and protect the rights of the accused.

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