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Wisconsin man accused of multiple drug crimes after alleged chase

A 27-year-old man in Wisconsin has been arrested and accused of involvement in drug activity following a recent incident in which he allegedly attempted to evade arrest. Facing accusations of a drug-related crime can be a scary and taxing experience. With the potential weight of a conviction for drug crimes, those who face such charges may wish to protect themselves from undesirable consequences, but they may need guidance in forming a strong defense.

Wisconsin’s cyberstalking laws

Nowadays, many people are more dependent than ever on electronic communications. If you are among them, a time may come when you fear you have said or posted something you should not have, or otherwise gone too far in your online communications. Maybe you went through a bad breakup, and you find yourself lashing out online as you struggle to adjust to life on your own, or maybe you and a friend had a falling out, and you are dealing with the aftermath through electronic channels.

Violent crimes: 3 charged with armed robbery in Wisconsin

Being accused of involvement in a crime such as armed robbery can be a stressful and daunting experience. Violent crimes of this nature carry serious penalties should a conviction be obtained, and those who face similar charges may find it beneficial to prepare for what comes next by focusing on their defense. Three individuals are facing criminal charges in relation to their alleged involvement in a recent string of armed robberies in Wisconsin.

Search of residence leads to allegations of drug crimes for 1

Upon receiving information of the potential presence of drug activity, authorities will likely launch an investigation into the matter. Should this lead to the execution of a search warrant, the individuals who reside in the residence may face criminal charges if illegal narcotics are found within. A 32-year-old man has been arrested and accused of multiple drug crimes following the recent search of a home in Wisconsin.

Police make arrest regarding suspected white collar crimes

Police in Wisconsin recently investigated a situation involving a now former employee who worked for a major horse fair production. The 50-year-old woman in question was the executive director of an annual event that attracted horse lovers and equestrian enthusiasts from across the nation. She was terminated without notice from her position after white collar crimes allegations surfaced regarding money she'd supposedly stolen from Midwest Horse Fair accounts.

Search of motel room leads to arrest for felony drug crimes

Many individuals have been accused of involvement in drug-related activity following the search of a residence by law enforcement authorities. Those who face similar accusations may find the subsequent process stressful and intimidating, and they might be uncertain where to turn for guidance. A 19-year-old man has recently been arrested and accused of drug crimes following the search of a motel room in Wisconsin.

Why witnesses can be helpful--and problematic

When prosecutors and defense attorneys try a case, one of their top considerations is which witnesses to bring to the stand. Of course, some witness choices are more necessary and obvious than others. For example, if the charge in question is vehicular homicide, then a witness who claims to have seen the incident could be a must-have for the stand and can help prosecutors get a conviction.

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