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4 accused of drug crimes after traffic stops in Wisconsin

Facing charges for a drug-related crime can be stressful and daunting. A conviction can have a negative impact on a person's life in various ways. Individuals who are accused of drug crimes may want to protect their future, but the process can be challenging. This may be the case for four people in Wisconsin who are facing drug-related charges after arrests following two separate traffic stops.

Wisconsin man arrested for drug crimes facing felony charges

Arrests regarding drug-related crimes have become a common occurrence in recent years. Convictions of this nature can be detrimental to a person's future, often affecting many different areas of life. Individuals in Wisconsin who are accused of drug crimes may find it beneficial to seek assistance when forming a strategy for defense. This may be the case for a man who was recently arrested and charged with the delivery of heroin.

Two men in Wisconsin recently arrested and accused of drug crimes

Authorities across the country have taken various measures to crack down on the distribution of drugs over the years. Related investigations have lead to the arrest of many individuals, who often face severe consequences as a result. Individuals who are accused of drug crimes generally face periods of significant hardship, with convictions often having a negative effect on the future. Two men are facing similar charges after they were arrested following a recent investigation in Wisconsin.

Milwaukee firefighter arrested in Montana, sex crimes alleged

A Wisconsin man who allegedly fled to Montana to evade arrest on charges of possessing and distributing child pornography has been arrested. The 44-year-old Milwaukee fireman was taken into custody by a trooper with the Montana State Police and a deputy of the Big Horn County Sheriff's Department. After the arrest, which took place without incident, the Milwaukee man was charged with sex crimes that are claimed to have been discovered in his workplace in Wisconsin.

3 Wisconsin residents charged with violent crimes

Three Waukesha locals have been arrested after allegedly ambushing a man in a home that he shared with one of the three people accused of committing the attack. Violent crimes charges have been filed against three alleged attackers, two men and one woman, for felony armed robbery and substantial battery. One of the Wisconsin men is claimed to have placed the victim in a choke hold, resulting in felony charges being filed against him for strangulation or suffocation.

Coerced photos result in sex crimes charges against Wisconsin man

What began as an apparent chance encounter between two people on a website has led to accusations that a man pressured an underage girl for nude photos of herself. Sex crimes charges have been filed against the Wisconsin man for allegedly possessing child pornography after investigators claim to have found naked images of the girl on his computer. Charges for the sexual exploitation of a minor have also been entered against the West Allis resident.

How social media can affect criminal cases

If you are facing criminal charges in Wisconsin, it is wise to understand the ways in which your social media profiles and postings may impact your case. Nowadays, many people have social media accounts across a broad variety of different mediums, and just as you may use these channels to find out more about a colleague, babysitter, a potential date or what have you, you can expect that whoever is prosecuting your criminal case may do the same. So, before you post to any of your social media accounts, understand how doing so may affect your case.

Sex crimes charges for child porn filed against Wisconsin man

Just the accusation of a crime being committed can sometimes cause long-term or permanent damage to a person's reputation, even if the allegations are found to be untrue. Sex crimes charges can be even more vilifying, and a conviction on such charges is almost certain to have negative effects on those found guilty that will last a lifetime. A Wisconsin man faces this very possibility after it was alleged that he possessed pornographic images of children on his computer. If found guilty of all charges, the man could be imprisoned for up to 250 years and fined $1 million.

Milwaukee man charged with violent crimes after claims of attack

A Jan. 5 attack upon a Wisconsin store clerk resulted in the man's death from repeated blows to the head with a baseball bat. Murder charges have been filed against the accused attacker, a 32-year-old Milwaukee man. Purported to have an outstanding warrant for other violent crimes at the time of the incident, he was arrested on Jan. 18 with bail set at $200,500. 

Domestic violence leads to attempted murder charges being filed

The seriousness of domestic violence cannot be understated. It can happen anywhere and at anytime, regardless of age, socioeconomic status or race, and those that it affects can have their lives changed forever. A recent incident that took place in Wisconsin concerns a woman who has suffered injuries resulting from alleged domestic violence. Her husband has been charged with attempted murder.  

Wisconsin man charged with multiple drug crimes

It isn't uncommon to see drug charges filed in a Wisconsin courtroom against a person who has been previously charged with similar crimes. Such was the case this week when a resident of Mount Pleasant was charged with drug crimes after police searched his home. The 35-year-old man had prior drug-related convictions in 2001.

Wisconsin man using Facebook to reveal possible sex crimes

News of charges being filed for the online solicitation for sex with a minor is being seen more and more often in today's internet-saturated world. The ease of access to the web and to the devices used to connect to popular social media websites has resulted in an increased opportunity for adults to make contact with potential underage victims. A Wisconsin man has apparently taken it upon himself to expose those who he feels may be willing to commit sex crimes by creating a fake Facebook page and then revealing those he feels have committed a punishable offense to the public and the police.

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