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3 Wisconsin residents charged with violent crimes

Three Waukesha locals have been arrested after allegedly ambushing a man in a home that he shared with one of the three people accused of committing the attack. Violent crimes charges have been filed against three alleged attackers, two men and one woman, for felony armed robbery and substantial battery. One of the Wisconsin men is claimed to have placed the victim in a choke hold, resulting in felony charges being filed against him for strangulation or suffocation.

The alleged victim claims that three people attacked him in the early morning hours of  Feb. 14 and demanded money. One man purportedly broke the victim’s nose with a punch and placed him in a choke hold while the other man and woman pressured him for money. The woman is alleged to have placed a gun to the man’s head, claiming to be a police officer and threatening the man’s life.

The victim says that he gave the trio his wallet that contained $20 and then complied with demands to hand over his phone. After refusing to provide its pass code, the man said that he released himself from the choke hold and escaped. He called police and identified his housemate as one of the attackers, but he was unable to identify the other two. The identified man is alleged to have admitted to the attack to collect a debt from the victim, and later told officials the location of the other two assailants.

There may be times when it is better to defend against violent crimes charges in Wisconsin through a courtroom trial, while at other times a plea bargain might provide the best possible outcome for those accused of these crimes. The testimony and evidence may be such that a favorable outcome may be achieved through a trial, or it may be considered overwhelming to the point where a guilty verdict is probable and a plea deal is warranted. In either situation, the best possible outcome may be achieved with the help and guidance of a defense attorney with experience in representing those accused of these types of crimes.



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