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Is phishing the same as fraud?

Knowingly using deception for personal gain is the basis for many different crimes. Phishing is a form of fraud using email. As the name implies, the emails are employed as bait to get someone to give up confidential information like a Social Security number.

Online technology used to hide and detect underage pornography

Curiosity may compel some Milwaukee residents to open emails or visit websites that seem harmless. It is possible to be lured into actions that, on the surface, seem innocuous. It takes just a few clicks to end up with unwanted underage pornography on your computer.

Intent to harm needed for cyberstalking prosecution

Charges against a defendant can grow complicated when an alleged crime involves the Internet. For instance, the Wisconsin law against stalking mainly includes physical intrusions into another person's life for the purpose of harassing him or her. The law also prohibits using a phone, recording equipment, the mail or some other delivery system to abuse a victim.

Wisconsin man accused of raping child in out-of-state hotel

A hotel employee in another Midwestern state contacted police recently to report a suspected child-related abuse incident. Police responded quickly, arresting a Wisconsin man at a Quality Inn. The 48-year-old Stoughton resident was charged with raping a minor under age 10 and more than a half dozen counts of gross sexual imposition.

Legal immunity for reporting and treating drug overdoses

The number of nationwide prescription painkiller deaths eclipsed fatalities caused by street drugs between 1999 and 2010, according to federal health officials. A significant number of overdoses have been due to synthetic opioids like hydrocodone and oxycodone, with effects mimicking heroin. Wisconsin laws attempt to prevent these deaths by granting immunity to individuals who assist overdose victims.

When drug possession charges go bad: allegations of manufacturing

Did you know that you could be charged with drug manufacturing even if you only allegedly sold some chemicals or equipment? Wisconsin prosecutors are starting to look past the simple drug possession charges that are so commonly associated with drugs of abuse such as marijuana, cocaine and heroin. The War on Drugs continues in Wisconsin with a growing number of defendants who are facing drug trafficking and manufacturing charges, even if they are only tangentially involved in the process. You do not have to be victimized by this type of overzealous prosecution. With the right team of attorneys, you can vastly improve the likelihood of a favorable outcome in your own drug manufacturing case.

Can mortgage application errors lead to criminal charges?

Multiple people and agencies are involved in the purchase and sale of Wisconsin real estate. The opportunity for error increases exponentially for every person whose expertise or personal wishes contribute to the transaction. Mistakes sometimes can be misconstrued as fraud.

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