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Prescription fraud can mean harsh penalties in Wisconsin

Regardless of a defendant's particular role in prescription fraud charges, a conviction can prove devastating to all involved. This holds true for everyone from a doctor who allegedly abuses his or her prescription-writing privileges to an ordinary person who allegedly tries to use a prescription in an illegal manner.

What you need to know about Megan's law in Wisconsin

Wisconsin, like many other American states, enforces Megan's law for those convicted of sex crimes against children. President Bill Clinton signed the bill into law in 1996, in the interest of creating a means to protect the public from convicted sex offenders. Megan's law mandates that all Wisconsin sex offenders are entered into the state's sex offender registry; non-compliance with the law can result in severe penalties.

Facing down embezzlement charges in Wisconsin

White collar crime encompasses many different illegal activities such as health care fraud, computer crimes, identity theft and more. Embezzlement, a serious offense in the eyes of the law, is another crime largely relegated to the white collar workforce.

Are there different kinds of domestic violence allegations?

As with many alleged crimes, yes, there is more than one way a defendant could be accused of domestic violence. This kind of violence often occurs behind closed doors, making it difficult for authorities to pinpoint the type of crime, if any, that has been committed. While many domestic violence accusations are sincere, the relative privacy of this crime means that sometimes defendants are accused even if they have done nothing wrong.

Overcoming allegations of sex crimes in Wisconsin

For those embroiled in defending themselves against allegations of sexual assault or similar crimes, it often seems impossible to imagine beating the charges. Like many other states, Wisconsin law takes a hard stance against such crimes, but it doesn't have to mean an automatic defeat. Although it feels like an unwinnable situation, it is important to remain as positive as possible while still taking a realistic approach.

A look at Wisconsin's drugged driving laws

As in other states, the government tracks data regarding drug use trends and other drug-related issues in Wisconsin. State lawmakers can use this government data to alter, eliminate or create new programs to help curtail both drug abuse and arrests for drug crimes. Those who are facing drug charges can also access this information to gain an understanding of how seriously Wisconsin authorities take drugged driving and other crimes.

A fraud conviction in Wisconsin can change your life

Fraud: For many, it just doesn't feel like that big a deal, but depending upon the circumstances, fraud charges can bring life-changing consequences to those convicted. There are many different kinds of fraud from simple employee theft to severe wire fraud and all of the United States takes such allegations seriously. In fact, it is a federal offense to commit fraud in many cases and could mean the loss of freedom, money and reputation.

Which sexual assault defenses are the most successful?

As with most major crimes, the answer to this question depends upon a number of factors such as type of sex crime, prior offenses, severity of the charges and many others. Of course, any sexual assault charges are serious and should always be approached seriously and with a cooperative demeanor. While it isn't possible to tell you which defenses for sex crimes are the most successful, the following section outlines some defenses and how they may be used toward a goal of acquittal.

What penalties apply to a Wisconsin identity theft conviction?

Wisconsin, like all other states, has created its own set of laws and penalties pertaining to identity theft. According to data provided by Carnegie Mellon University, theft of identity occurs when a person acquires and uses someone else's personal information including Social Security number, credit card data, name, driver's license number or any other information in order to assume that person's identity.

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