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A look at Wisconsin’s drugged driving laws

As in other states, the government tracks data regarding drug use trends and other drug-related issues in Wisconsin. State lawmakers can use this government data to alter, eliminate or create new programs to help curtail both drug abuse and arrests for drug crimes. Those who are facing drug charges can also access this information to gain an understanding of how seriously Wisconsin authorities take drugged driving and other crimes.

On the website dedicated to Whitehouse activities, authorities have posted a profile on Wisconsin’s drug statistics. According to the information provided, Wisconsin proved to be among the top 10 states for drug crimes related to cocaine and recreational prescription drug abuse in 2007 and 2008. No doubt, this means a copious amount of arrests were made for drug possession and other crimes.

On a related note, Wisconsin is one of several states that have enacted a state “per se” law to address drugged driving. Specifically, the legislation stipulates that no one may drive a vehicle while under the influence of controlled substances, particularly to the degree that the person is significantly impaired. This law is in addition to the state’s drunk driving laws and what it means for alleged offenders is an increased chance of a conviction whether or not they have been drinking.

“Per se” laws are good in that they can help decrease the number of drugged drivers on the roadways, but as with drunk driving, those arrested for this type of drug crime will likely need legal representation. This is especially so if they have a prescription for the drug in question.

If you are facing controlled substance allegations in Wisconsin, feel free to browse our drug crime defense web page to see if you need to contact an attorney.

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