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Are there different kinds of domestic violence allegations?

As with many alleged crimes, yes, there is more than one way a defendant could be accused of domestic violence. This kind of violence often occurs behind closed doors, making it difficult for authorities to pinpoint the type of crime, if any, that has been committed. While many domestic violence accusations are sincere, the relative privacy of this crime means that sometimes defendants are accused even if they have done nothing wrong.

Currently, the types of domestic abuse and violence recognized in Wisconsin and other states include:

— Physical violence and abuse — Sexual violence and abuse — Emotional abuse (damage to self-worth, humiliation, etc.) — Psychological abuse (intimidation, threats, etc.) — Financial abuse (withholding funds, preventing someone from working, etc.)

If you have traveled to this criminal defense blog in search of answers, it probably means you are worried about facing charges of domestic violence in the Milwaukee area. The good news is, you may have a real chance of beating the allegations. The nature of domestic violence can often mean such accusations are difficult to prove. This is particularly so if no physical or other kind of evidence is present. Without witnesses, prior incidents or some other indication that the allegations are concrete, it can be difficult for prosecutors to build a case against you.

No one wants to see those who engage in domestic violence get away with committing a crime, but on the other hand, the innocent should not have to pay for something he or she did not do. Improve your chances of achieving a positive outcome against allegations of violent crime by working with a Milwaukee criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

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