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February 2016 Archives

Switchblades no longer illegal in Wisconsin

The weapons laws here in Wisconsin do many different things. For one, they ban using weapons in certain ways. Also, they prohibit the carrying of weapons in certain situations. Additionally, there are some weapons they outright ban. When a weapon is banned, simply being accused of possessing the weapon could lead to a person being charge criminally.

Circumstances can vary greatly in stalking cases

Facing stalking allegations here in Wisconsin has the potential to significantly alter one's life, as a conviction on stalking charges can carry serious consequences with it. Thus, when a person has been accused of stalking, finding the right defense strategy can be vital for them.

Wisconsin high court makes decision regarding 'community caretaker' exception

Typically, a warrant is required for police to search a person's home. There are some exceptions though where warrantless searches of homes are allowed. One of these exceptions is the "community caretaker" exception. This exception deals with actions police took not for law enforcement purposes but for caretaker purposes to protect and safeguard members of the public. Questions sometimes arise regarding whether a given police action falls under this exception.

Battery charge class can depend on who the alleged victim is

As we talked about in a previous post, one of the things that can impact whether a person charged with battery here in Wisconsin is facing misdemeanor or felony charges is the severity of the harm the purported battery allegedly caused. Another such thing is who the victim of the alleged battery was.

What is a 'search'?

Different types of police tactics during investigations have different classifications. Some are classified as searches.

False accusations and false confessions

Most Americans are familiar with the concept of Miranda rights, even if many do not identify these rights by this name. "You have the right to remain silent..." is a phrase commonly uttered by television actors, film actors and book characters. Therefore the frequency with which Americans are reminded of this right is significant. However, it is understandably easy to forget this right once you have been arrested. It is easy for individuals who have committed wrongdoing to forget this right and it is very easy for individuals who have been falsely accused to forget it as well.

Loan fraud charges in Wisconsin

When making statements to a bank in relation to a loan application, it is very important to avoid making incorrect statements. When a person is accused of making false statements regarding the details of a security, piece of land or property in relation to such an application, they could end up facing loan fraud charges, depending on the circumstances. 

FBI sting on child pornography website raises serious questions

The sting operation is a well-established tactic used in law enforcement. Traditionally, stings would involve a police officer posing as a prostitute or undercover officers posing as drug sellers/buyers. For the most part, these sting operations are considered legal, save for some that courts deemed entrapment.

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