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Think marijuana accusations aren’t serious? Think again

Marijuana has been in the news a lot in recent years. A good portion of this news has been focused on states loosening or considering loosening their marijuana laws. Some states have even legalized recreational use of the drug.

All this news may lead some individuals here in Wisconsin to think that being accused of marijuana possession is no longer a major thing. However, such an assumption is rather far from the truth. Being accused of marijuana possession, even for the first time, is a very big deal in Wisconsin. It could lead to a person facing charges that could yield serious consequences in the event of conviction, including: substantial fines, months in prison, a marred record and a curbing of one’s educational and employment opportunities.

The assumptions a person makes can have major impacts on their actions. Thus, when a person is facing drug crime allegations, such as marijuana possession accusations, them making incorrect assumptions about the accusations could cause major problems. One wrong step in cases involving such allegations can have lasting repercussions.

This is among the reasons why the guidance of a skilled drug defense lawyer can be such a vital thing to have when facing marijuana possession allegations or other drug crime allegations in Wisconsin. Such attorneys can help defendants have a full and accurate picture of the reality of their situation and what options are actually available to them, so they can be properly informed when it comes to the various big decisions they will have to make in their case.

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