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Circumstances can vary greatly in stalking cases

Facing stalking allegations here in Wisconsin has the potential to significantly alter one’s life, as a conviction on stalking charges can carry serious consequences with it. Thus, when a person has been accused of stalking, finding the right defense strategy can be vital for them.

Now, with any class of criminal case, there is not a one-size-fits-all defense strategy. A particularly big variation in possible defense strategies can be present though when it comes to stalking cases. In such cases, the little details can vary extremely from case to case and can be remarkably important. This is because of a variety of things, such as that:

  • The crime of stalking covers a wide range of conduct.
  • Many different factors can impact whether a given activity is stalking.
  • A variety of things can influence the severity of a given stalking case, including whether the stalking accusations include allegations of: a repeat offense, the presence of a weapon or the victim being under the age of 18.

Given this, navigating stalking cases and finding the right defense strategy in such a case can have its challenges here in Wisconsin. Thus, the quality of the legal representation and guidance a defendant receives can matter quite a bit in stalking cases.

So, when facing stalking charges, having the representation of a defense attorney who understands the various state stalking laws and the challenges stalking cases can raise on the defense side and is skilled at tailoring defense strategy to a case’s circumstances can by key for a defendant.

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