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DEA trying new strategy for fighting heroin abuse in Milwaukee

Here in Milwaukee and throughout the U.S., heroin abuse is a serious problem. Last year, heroin was responsible for over 100 deaths in Milwaukee County.

One of the traditional methods the federal government has used here in Milwaukee and in the rest of the country for fighting the heroin problem is arresting and aggressively prosecuting those accused of heroin crimes. However, this strategy alone can miss many aspects of the addiction problem. So, the federal government has increasingly been expanding how it fights heroin abuse.

Among the things it can be important to address in the fight against heroin addiction are the things that can lead to such addiction. One thing that sometimes leads to a heroin addiction are issues with prescription painkillers. Authorities estimate that prescription painkillers are where 80 percent of new users of heroin get their start.

The federal Drug Enforcement Administration is getting a new program off of the ground which is aimed in part at helping to address this entryway into heroin addiction. The initiative is called the 360 program. The program is initially being tested out in four locations in the nation. One of these locations is Milwaukee.

Education is one of the major aims of the program. Among the education the program strives to provide is education regarding the risks and important things to keep in mind when it comes to opioid medications and prescription painkillers. For one, it pushes for increased training regarding painkiller prescribing for pharmacists and doctors.

Do you think the education-aimed aspects of this program will help cut down heroin addiction in Milwaukee?

Of course, just because the DEA will be putting a big focus on education in its battle against heroin in Milwaukee does not mean that it is abandoning aggressive enforcement efforts in the area. So, being accused of heroin crimes in Milwaukee can still lead to an individual facing serious federal investigations and possibly having major federal charges brought against them. Thus, taking prompt and appropriate action can be vital when facing accusations of heroin offenses. Drug defense lawyers can help individuals respond to such allegations.

Source: WTMJ-TV, “Milwaukee County considers new ways to battle heroin epidemic,” Rebecca Klopf, Feb. 11, 2016

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