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Facing an uncertain future when charged with violent crimes

Being accused of murder, aggravated theft or assault in Wisconsin is obviously a serious matter. Those charged with violent crimes typically have a lot at stake. If they are unable to avoid conviction, they may stand to lose their freedom, as well as be made to pay substantial fines as restitution for their actions. Anyone who goes to prison may experience a chain reaction of unfortunate events that might include family problems, inability to earn an income and even the loss of one's home or other assets due to not being able to pay debts.

Multiple arrests for suspected drug crimes in Wisconsin

Police in Wisconsin and other states often converse with informants to aid them in drug-related investigations. Dating back to May 2016, one man's name has apparently been repeatedly mentioned regarding suspected drug crimes. Recently, police showed a photograph of a man to multiple informants who all identified him as a known drug dealer.

Friend of alleged victim confronts sex crimes suspect on campus

A campus university in Wisconsin was the scene of a recent altercation between one person who claims to have been defending an injured assault victim and another person suspected of the attack. Reportedly, the latter committed sex crimes on campus against a fellow student. The situation unfolded as somewhat of an irony, as it occurred just two days after an on-campus protest against sexual assault.

Some sex crimes charges dismissed in federal case

Many people in Wisconsin or elsewhere who struggle with drug and alcohol use often say their addictions frequently lead to other problems. A young man in another state is heading to federal prison after admitting to attempted sex crimes he says were fueled by his own substance abuse. Several charges against the man were dismissed after he entered a guilty plea in court. The situation unfolded in September 2015 when the man, then age 18, picked up a hitch-hiker in his car.

Life after sex crimes convictions in Wisconsin

There are any number of reasons a person may be charged and/or convicted of illegal sexual acts in Wisconsin. Depending on the circumstances of an individual situation, a person accused may be able to avoid conviction. In some situations, if that does not seem possible, a defense assistant may help secure a lesser sentence than that which is allowed according to state or federal law. For many, adjusting to life after a sex crimes conviction is extremely challenging.

Man allegedly asleep at the wheel now charged with drug crimes

Wisconsin police often respond to calls without knowing exactly what they will find when they arrive at a particular scene. A recent incident resulted in a man who had already been convicted for a past offense being charged with drug crimes. The situation unfolded shortly before 4 p.m. on a recent Sunday.

Allegations of white collar crimes can turn lives upside down

Life can change on a dime when investigators start asking questions. Being accused of white collar crimes in Wisconsin or any other state can have immediate and long-lasting negative effects on a person's reputation and his or her future. In many situations, a simple error or oversight might be the source of the problem. Defending oneself under such circumstances can be quite challenging.

Facing white collar crimes charges no small matter in Wisconsin

One may be surprised at how easily a personal or professional reputation can be damaged by accusations of criminal offenses. Even when alleged incidents are non-violent in nature, which is typically the case where white collar crimes are concerned, merely being accused is often enough to cause immediate and long-lasting negative consequences. Generally speaking, the sooner one seeks experienced assistance when charged with any type of crime in Wisconsin, the better.

University student in Wisconsin denies sex crimes allegations

A situation has developed at a university in Wisconsin that has many students and others concerned. Serious sex crimes allegations have been filed against a 20-year-old man currently enrolled at the school. Statements from the man's attorney include flat-out denial of the claims, with further insinuations that the suspect is a victim of character defamation.

Man sentenced after admitting to violent crimes in Wisconsin

When a person is accused of a crime, there is no immediate way of knowing whether that person will be convicted in court. In fact, there are many situations where judges decide to dismiss all charges, or --even if convictions are handed down -- people are often able to enlist support from experienced attorneys to obtain lighter sentences. In some cases, such as a recent one involving a 24-year-old man in Wisconsin, defendants plead guilty to violent crimes, and prepare themselves for the consequences.

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