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Life after sex crimes convictions in Wisconsin

There are any number of reasons a person may be charged and/or convicted of illegal sexual acts in Wisconsin. Depending on the circumstances of an individual situation, a person accused may be able to avoid conviction. In some situations, if that does not seem possible, a defense assistant may help secure a lesser sentence than that which is allowed according to state or federal law. For many, adjusting to life after a sex crimes conviction is extremely challenging.

One man is scheduled to be released into temporary housing when he leaves the prison where he served his sentence. The 41-year-old was sentenced to a decade behind bars, with 12 years of supervision to follow. He has a criminal history that includes several arrests and convictions of various sex-related offenses against minors.

As it is, the man is being released on the stipulation that he has no contact with children of minor ages, unless the Department of Corrections issues approval. He is also prohibited from consumption of any alcohol or illegal drugs. Further, he is to have absolutely no contact with those named as victims in his past cases.

A tracking device will be used to help appropriate authorities stay updated on the man’s whereabouts. He must remain registered as a sex offender in Wisconsin for the rest of his life. A violation of the requirements of his release places him at risk for re-incarceration. Any person facing similar challenges upon release after a sex crimes conviction may contact an experienced defense attorney for guidance.

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