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What happens when someone is accused of a federal crime?

Federal courts are reserved for defendants accused of federal crimes. Investigations into alleged crimes are conducted by one or more U.S. government agencies, depending upon an agency's area of expertise. For example, the Internal Revenue Service may be involved in a white collar crime investigation specifically to address a tax fraud issue.

Drug court as an alternative for Milwaukee defendants

Some drug defendants qualify for court-sponsored programs that can help them get treatment for substance abuse and avoid incarceration. Local and state governments reap benefits with less crowded jails and fewer repeat offenders. Study results published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in 2013 showed a recidivism rate decline of up to 26 percent among drug court participants over 10 years.

Wisconsin laws and the consequences of cyberbullying

Computer technology and electronic devices offer Milwaukee residents the opportunity to communicate any time from almost any place. Online expression and criticism have legal limitations when someone else is harmed by the words, images or videos sent through texts, emails and posts. In Wisconsin, an individual who sends threatening electronic messages can be charged with an internet crime.

What does a plea bargain mean in relation to drug crimes?

If this is the first time you have faced criminal drug charges, you are likely hearing a lot of terminology you might not understand. Asking questions is a great idea and can help you prepare for your journey through the legal system. The answers you receive to your questions can also help you make the right decisions for your unique situation.

What can I expect when facing vehicular homicide charges?

An accident that in some way leads to a death is one of the most serious charges a person could face. This is a federal crime and is often referred to as vehicular homicide, OWI homicide or homicide by intoxicated use of a vehicle.

Statutory rape | Still a punishable offense in Wisconsin

A few decades ago, the term statutory rape was well known in many states. Over the years, other terminology seemed to replace statutory rape causing the term to slip close to oblivion. While a defendant's actions may or may not be called something else, statutory rape is still a punishable offense across the nation.

The authorities are wising up about phishing scams

Of all the purported Internet scams working through the Web these days, phishing emails have often been the most elusive for security experts to pinpoint. These types of emails change and evolve as available technology expands, making it difficult for the authorities to take action.

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