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The authorities are wising up about phishing scams

Of all the purported Internet scams working through the Web these days, phishing emails have often been the most elusive for security experts to pinpoint. These types of emails change and evolve as available technology expands, making it difficult for the authorities to take action.

That is beginning to change as law enforcement personnel catches up with the evolution of modern technology. Now, many seemingly ordinary citizens are just as tech savvy as hackers or those who allegedly participate in phishing scams and this includes law enforcement authorities as well.

What does this mean to those under investigation for Internet crimes like phishing? It means that the police, prosecutors and other enforcement agencies are wising up to phishing and other scams. It may also mean that the defendants of such charges run a greater risk of being prosecuted and subsequently convicted.

What was once a shadowy segment of Internet activity is now becoming better lit under the scrutiny of security experts who are only too happy to spread information about such activity. Even worse for defendants accused of phishing, it is possible that the authorities have been investigating them for some time, working to build a good case for prosecution.

The current phishing scams authorities are aware of include fake emails that appear to have come from the IRS, PayPal, DropBox, Apple, Adobe, American Express and many others.

The takeaway here is that it is time to take a phishing investigation seriously as conviction is now a viable factor. Feel free to explore our web page about Wisconsin Internet crime to see if you have cause to seek a defense attorney.

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