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Allegations of drug crimes in Wisconsin lead to multiple arrests

Six people in Wisconsin are currently facing criminal charges for alleged drug-related activities. Accusations of drug crimes arose in light of a police raid that took place on a recent Tuesday morning. Officers apparently claimed to have a search warrant that initiated their entrance to a private residence.

Apparent drug crimes aren't always what they seem

Many Wisconsin residents can relate to the idea of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. In some situations, this had led to charges of drug crimes being filed against a person who is later found innocent of all wrongdoing. Often, obtaining such positive results in court hinges upon aggressive and effective criminal defense.

Couple in Wisconsin admit participation in violent crimes

Two people in Wisconsin have apparently admitted to police that they were involved in the death of another person. Violent crimes against the person are said to have taken place in May 2016. The situation unfolded after a dead body was found in a farm field in another state.

Conviction for sex crimes reinstated against Wisconsin coach

A man who formerly worked at a high school was back in court on a recent Tuesday. A Wisconsin judge reinstated a sex crimes conviction against the long-time coach. The situation involved a past incident that is said to have taken place between the man and a 15-year-old female student.

Suspect accused of domestic violence in Wisconsin

Being accused of a domestic-related crime in Wisconsin often places a person's private and professional reputation at risk. It can be very embarrassing to be singled out in a domestic violence situation. Still, merely being accused does not constitute one's guilt, and any person thus charged is able to fight against the allegations by retaining the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Accusations of drug crimes an issue in Wisconsin

Law enforcement agents often make allegations that are drug-related after conducting investigations. If a person is accused of drug crimes in Wisconsin, chances are he or she will face a lengthy legal process before all is said and done. Any conviction secured may carry severe penalties that include time behind bars, probation and/or monetary fines. In those circumstances, the consequences may stretch beyond any sentence formally imposed in criminal court.

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