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Suspect accused of domestic violence in Wisconsin

Being accused of a domestic-related crime in Wisconsin often places a person’s private and professional reputation at risk. It can be very embarrassing to be singled out in a domestic violence situation. Still, merely being accused does not constitute one’s guilt, and any person thus charged is able to fight against the allegations by retaining the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

In a recent incident, a man was arrested after law enforcement agents said he was found carrying a machete. A woman had reportedly called police, saying that the man was running after his brother while wielding the weapon. Apparently, a chase between the two men then ensued throughout the area, but the brother allegedly being chased took cover by hiding in a garage to avoid further altercation.

When police officers arrested the man in question, he was in his vehicle at a nearby location. He is said to have peacefully cooperated with police as they placed him under arrest. Absolutely no one was injured in the events that allegedly took place that day.

If a person is accused of domestic violence in Wisconsin, it is advisable to seek immediate consultation with a skilled criminal lawyer to begin building a strong defense. Often, this is a key factor in fighting against such charges in court. An attorney can clarify all options that are available to a defendant and may be able to address the common tactics used by prosecution in such cases so as to minimize any potential negative outcome.

Source:, “Machete-wielding domestic violence suspect arrested in Madison”, Julie Carpenter Lotz, June 26, 2016

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