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Accusations of drug crimes an issue in Wisconsin

Law enforcement agents often make allegations that are drug-related after conducting investigations. If a person is accused of drug crimes in Wisconsin, chances are he or she will face a lengthy legal process before all is said and done. Any conviction secured may carry severe penalties that include time behind bars, probation and/or monetary fines. In those circumstances, the consequences may stretch beyond any sentence formally imposed in criminal court.

Police officers recently arrested a woman in connection with alleged Methamphetamine possession and distribution. The 31-year-old woman was taken into custody after authorities supposedly received an anonymous tip. Police claim that after receiving the information, they made several undercover drug purchases from the woman at her residence.

After several visits to her home, police say they obtained a warrant to search the premises. The woman now faces several felony charges. Charges against her include maintaining a drug dwelling, and possession of drug paraphernalia and Methamphetamine drugs.

The local police chief claims that he believes the woman was acting as part of a larger group people involved in similar drug crimes in Wisconsin. He said the most recent investigation lasted approximately 90 days. Certainly, anyone accused of drug-related violations may fight impending charges through the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney. By doing so, one is often able to avoid incarceration and prevent long-lasting negative impact by minimizing potential repercussions through the presentation of a strong defense. An experienced criminal lawyer knows how to approach the court in such a way as to increase the chances of obtaining a positive result.

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