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Couple in Wisconsin admit participation in violent crimes

Two people in Wisconsin have apparently admitted to police that they were involved in the death of another person. Violent crimes against the person are said to have taken place in May 2016. The situation unfolded after a dead body was found in a farm field in another state.

The woman whose body was found had been reported missing by her family. An autopsy concluded that the apparent murder victim was pregnant at the time of her death. Police say they were led to the current suspects through surveillance captured on film during a separate bank robbery incident.

After the bank robbery, the two suspects were brought back to Wisconsin and were questioned by authorities. Reportedly, it was during that interview that the female suspect allegedly confessed to punching and torturing the woman, whose burned body had been found in a South Dakota field. It appears the two were friends and had been arguing over $200 in withdraws one made with the others bank card. The suspect claims to have killed the woman by placing a plastic bag over her head and using a rope to strangle her.

The male suspect has since been charged with a single count of being party to a felony murder. He is also facing charges for assisting in hiding a corpse. The woman is charged similarly, with the addition of another count of kidnapping as party to a crime. Being accused of violent crimes in Wisconsin is a serious matter that is typically best addressed alongside competent representation from an experienced criminal defense attorney. Retaining the help of a criminal lawyer is often crucial toward obtaining a positive result in court.

Source:, “Wisconsin couple confesses to murder of missing pregnant woman“, June 30, 2016

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