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May 2015 Archives

Child sexual assault charges loom for Madison school coach

A Wisconsin defendant's life can change for the worse even before the person is charged with a crime. An individual under investigation or arrested for sexual misconduct may suffer serious damage to his or her personal and professional life before an arraignment, a plea, a trial or a conviction.

Patterns of prescription drug use and abuse

Some of the same drugs that have helped improve and save the lives of Milwaukee residents are the reasons some Wisconsin residents are in prison. Many people associate drug trafficking and related crimes with "street drugs" like heroin and cocaine -- substances labeled as clearly harmful with no medical benefit to users. Prescription drugs don't have the same stigma as these substances but, when abused, can be every bit as dangerous to a person's wellbeing.

How is cyberstalking defined?

Many people in Milwaukee use the Internet to share how they feel through images or opinions that may or may not get the attention and support of other users. It is not an Internet crime to express yourself provided your intent is not to cause emotional or physical harm to someone else.

Wisconsin deputy accused of teen sexual assault

A Wisconsin County law enforcement officer recently quit his job after working more than four years with the Lincoln County Sheriff's Department. The 34-year-old former deputy was accused of bringing a 15-year-old female to a Wausau wedding reception attended by coworkers, kissing the girl and giving alcohol to the teen.

Wisconsin police detain 10 in suspected check fraud ring

In Wisconsin, unauthorized use of a person's identifying information or documents is a Class H felony. Identity theft is the act of stealing another's property for personal gain. A conviction for this white collar crime can have serious consequences for defendants.

State and federal Internet gambling laws

Wisconsin laws address personal and professional gambling without specifically mentioning online gambling. Some Milwaukee residents may believe the lack of an Internet gambling law is the same as permission to bet. That's a false assumption -- online gambling can lead to state and federal criminal charges.

Federal and state variances on controlled substances

It is likely that many Milwaukee adults have used substances the federal government considers illegal. That's not a criticism of the habits of Wisconsin residents. Many medications doctors prescribe for legitimate health reasons are listed on the same Controlled Substance Schedules as drugs no one is permitted to manufacture, distribute or use -- like heroin.

Medicaid fraud investigations against providers

Individuals and companies can face criminal prosecution for overbilling insurance companies and government medical programs for patient services. The federal government certifies Medicaid Fraud Control Units in Wisconsin and nearly all other states investigate fraud in federally-funded health care programs.

Unintentional online solicitation of minors

People you chat with online may bear no resemblance to the people they truly are. The Internet makes it easy for people to disguise a lot about themselves. You can't be certain information, like marital status, age and profile pictures or other images posted online are believable.

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