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Defending Wisconsin Students Facing Criminal Charges

College and university campuses are a place of learning. For students facing criminal charges, however, those lessons can come at a steep price. If your child is facing allegations or has been charged with an offense, the consequences of this situation can have a lasting impact on both their academic future and the rest of their life.

The Milwaukee law firm of Kohn & Smith is prepared to come to the defense of Wisconsin students when they are confronting criminal matters. Our attorneys have more than three decades of combined criminal defense experience, and our firm has earned the respect of legal professionals throughout the state. When you hire us, we will tirelessly advocate for your case because we believe your future should not be affected by one mistake.

The Consequences Of Criminal Charges On College Campuses

Students can be charged with a wide variety of crimes on campus, ranging from underage drinking and driving infractions to severe charges like the possession or sale of drugs, assault and sex crimes like rape. If found guilty, defendants can face serious penalties and fines that may include:

  • Formal reprimand from campus administration
  • Court fines and fees
  • Mandatory evaluation or treatment, especially in cases of drug possession
  • Loss of housing or student aid, including federal student loans
  • Loss of job, including student employment
  • Suspension
  • Expulsion
  • Jail or prison time

These consequences can affect a student’s enrollment status or eligibility for loans. Getting charged can jeopardize your ability to graduate on time or pursue your degree of choice. Our lawyers do not forget what is at stake when we defend young adults. We make it our mission to limit the impact that your brush with the law has on your life.

Our knowledgeable litigators have years of experience in area courts and are ready to serve students in a variety of Wisconsin schools, including the University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee (UWM), the University of Wisconsin—Madison, the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) and Marquette University. Our extensive trial experience could be key in defending your rights, your reputation and your future.

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