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At the law firm of Kohn & Smith, our Wisconsin lawyer provides experienced criminal defense for federal and state crimes. We have represented a wide range of clients arrested on a variety of criminal offenses and have been involved in cases that have drawn local, statewide and national media coverage. Our results speak for themselves.

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A Tradition Of Excellence

Kohn & Smith has a proud history of serving clients in the Milwaukee area. Our founder, Steve Kohn, launched the firm in 1977, focusing on criminal defense. Attorney Jonathan Smith joined the firm in 2002. Steve Kohn now is enjoying a well-earned retirement, while Smith is committed to building on the firm’s tradition of aggressive advocacy.

Committed To Our Clients

As seasoned criminal defense attorneys, we are committed to our clients and to minimizing the negative consequences they suffer after an arrest. Whether you are facing a first DUI or murder charges, you and the outcome of your case are our number one priority.

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