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Facing white collar crimes charges in Wisconsin

Being accused of a crime in Wisconsin can be embarrassing to say the least. Often, one's personal and professional reputations are on the line, placing one's standing in a community at risk. Those facing charges of white collar crimes will want to build strong defenses in order to increase their chances of avoiding incarceration and minimizing the potentially negative impact such situations may have on their futures.

State tax credit fraud a felony crime in Wisconsin

There are many types of tax credits Wisconsin makes available when it comes to state taxes. Being accused of having claimed one of these credits when one wasn't eligible for it or having claimed more of a credit than one qualified for can put a person in a very serious situation. Depending on the specifics of the allegations, they could be facing a felony charge.

Federal drug prosecutions appear to be down

Some drug allegations can create the possibility of a person facing federal charges. Being charged with federal drug crimes can put a person in an incredibly serious legal situation, one in which some major things, including their freedom and their future, could end up hanging in the balance. So, the charging decisions federal prosecutors make when it comes to drug matters can be remarkably impactful.

The tactics police used matter in drug distribution cases

The events leading up to an arrest on suspicion of drug distribution can vary significantly from case to case. One reason for this is that there are many different types of tactics police might employ during the course of investigating suspected drug distribution activity. A couple of examples of tactics police sometimes turn to in drug distribution investigations include the use of informants and sting operations.

What prison sentences can be given for stalking in Wisconsin?

Among the criminal accusations that can leave a person facing the possibility of an extended time in prison is stalking. That is because, here in Wisconsin, when a person is charged with stalking, they are dealing with a felony charge.

What is the domestic abuse surcharge?

A person accused of a crime can face serious financial consequences if they receive a conviction on their charges. Additionally, there are certain things that can make a criminal conviction cause additional financial losses beyond the usual. One is if the criminal activity was found to have involved domestic abuse. 

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