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Fraud cases are not uniform things

Fraud is a very broad term. So, fraud cases can vary greatly, as can what facing fraud allegations can mean for a person.

For one, there are various different types of fraud, based on things like who the target of the fraud was, what the fraud was done in connection to and what mechanisms were used during the course of the fraud. Our law firm’s page on fraud crimes gives some examples of the different types of fraud individuals can be accused of. What specific type of fraud a person is accused of impacts what specific types of charges they could have brought against them.

Fraud cases can also vary in what sort of court they go before. Some fraud cases involve state fraud charges, while others involving charges at the federal level. Whether a given fraud case ends up being a state or a federal case can impact things like the procedures involved and what consequences the case could end up having for the accused.

Other things which can differ greatly between different fraud cases and can have significant impacts in such cases include: the amount the alleged fraud is said to have involved, the types of evidence presented by authorities and the methods authorities used in obtaining evidence.

Given this high range of variation in fraud cases, things like what is at stake for a person accused of fraud, what defense options a person has in a fraud case and what defense approach might be best suited for a given fraud defendant are heavily circumstance-dependent. Skilled and experienced white collar crime defense attorneys understand the importance of carefully considering the wide range of relevant details in a fraud case in defense matters and know what building a well-tailored fraud defense strategy/approach involves.

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