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Facing white collar crimes charges in Wisconsin

Being accused of a crime in Wisconsin can be embarrassing to say the least. Often, one’s personal and professional reputations are on the line, placing one’s standing in a community at risk. Those facing charges of white collar crimes will want to build strong defenses in order to increase their chances of avoiding incarceration and minimizing the potentially negative impact such situations may have on their futures.

At the law office of Kohn & Smith, you will find a dedicated team of lawyers who are prepared to aggressively defend you against charges of tax evasion, electronic wire fraud or other offenses. A client does not have to have been formally charged to seek our assistance. As soon as one becomes aware that one is subject to a formal investigation, a request for legal consultation can be made.

Such investigations are often lengthy due to the complex nature of the circumstances. By discussing the matter with our team of experienced attorneys, we can help you build a strong defense should you, at some point, be formally accused of a crime. Law enforcement agents are bound by certain protocols and regulations when conducting investigations and making arrests. We can help determine if any of your personal rights have been violated in the process.

White collar crimes include a wide variety of potentially criminal offenses. If you are in need of criminal defense assistance in Wisconsin, you may call the office of Kohn & Smith to schedule an appointment. Your legal problems will immediately become our priority, and we will help you seek as positive an outcome as possible in court.

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