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September 2016 Archives

Domestic violence situations not always what they seem

Situations often arise within Wisconsin families and others that result in accusations against one or more persons. Sudden outbursts or arguments may escalate into allegations being asserted against someone that are later proved false. There have also been many times that troubles seem to evolve over a period of time, ultimately leading to  formal charges of domestic violence being filed against a family member.

Charges against man include white collar crimes

Many people in Wisconsin and other areas install surveillance cameras in and around their homes to help monitor their properties and residences. Sometimes, upon viewing surveillance films, homeowners are surprised by what they see. This may have been the case in a recent situation in another state that eventually led to a man facing several charges that included white collar crimes.

High number of violent crimes reported in Wisconsin this summer

Not long ago, a 23-year-old man died in a shooting that involved a police officer. This was not the only death-by-gunshot to occur in Wisconsin during summer 2016. Reports indicate that more violent crimes were committed during August than ever before in the state's recorded history.

Man has trouble reintegrating after sex crimes in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is known for its stringent sex offender regulations. Many say that transitioning back into society after serving time in prison for sex crimes is very difficult due to an apparent lack of necessary information upon release from jail. Obviously, the best way to avoid such circumstances would be to avoid conviction altogether.

Charges of white collar crimes do not always lead to prison

Anyone in Wisconsin who has ever been formally accused of a crime may understand the stress and worry that typically accompany such situations. American jurisprudence allows any person charged with white collar crimes, drug-related offenses or criminal violence to present as strong a defense as possible to avoid conviction. There are generally several options available in any particular instance.

Husband and wife admit white collar crimes

Whether someone accused of a financial crime in Wisconsin should plead guilty in court is a matter of concern that may be decided differently in various situations. What may be in one person's best interests when charged with white collar crimes, may not be for another. Making such determinations is often made easier by consulting with an experienced criminal defense attorney before appearing in court.

"Making a Murderer" teen's violent crimes conviction overturned

Wisconsin law governing matters pertaining to juvenile crime has been called into question after a recent conviction was overturned. The situation involves a teenage boy who was tried and convicted of violent crimes as an adult. He was a 16-year-old when a girl was murdered, and was accused of having helped another person kill her. 

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