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Domestic violence situations not always what they seem

Situations often arise within Wisconsin families and others that result in accusations against one or more persons. Sudden outbursts or arguments may escalate into allegations being asserted against someone that are later proved false. There have also been many times that troubles seem to evolve over a period of time, ultimately leading to  formal charges of domestic violence being filed against a family member.

Merely being accused of violence against a spouse or other immediate family member does not necessarily mean a conviction will be handed down in court. While such a situation tends to be aggressively prosecuted, it is often possible for an experienced criminal defense attorney to convince the court that a heated argument got out of hand or details of the case were exaggerated or embellished. Because police officers often make an arrest once they are called to a possible scene of domestic violence, it is typically best, if you are the one being arrested, to request immediate assistance from a defense lawyer.

Being accused of domestic violence may negatively impact one’s personal and professional life. It is every person’s right to fight against such charges, and the chances of obtaining a positive outcome are often increased by acting alongside skilled and experienced representation in court. Kohn & Smith has successfully helped many clients avoid conviction and other negative repercussions.

It is obviously no laughing matter to be charged with domestic violence in Wisconsin or anywhere else in the United States. Charges that result in a formal conviction in court may lead to time behind bars, as well as the loss of certain personal freedoms and liberties.  If you are in need of sound counsel regarding this type of situation, you may call Kohn & Smith to schedule a consultation.


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