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When trading stocks is a crime

Trading stocks isn't an illegal activity, as long as the public has the same access to knowledge about company information as the trader does. The practice becomes a white collar crime when stock trades occur based upon material information unknown to the public. Laws are set up this way to ensure securities investors have a level playing field.

Unblemished past influences sentence in child porn case

A clean record can be a huge benefit to Milwaukee defendants accused of criminal activity. A defendant's past influences the opinions of prosecutors and judges A person in good standing, with no record of arrests or convictions, is likely to suffer fewer consequences in court than a defendant with a troubled history.

Health and legal risks of cocaine abuse and dependence

A growing number of states have approved marijuana use for medicinal purposes. A few states now permit recreational use. The remaining states, including Wisconsin, have no-tolerance marijuana aligned with federal laws that consider the drug a valueless, dangerous substance.

Penalties can be severe for Wisconsin teen sexting

Sexting laws have been enacted in several states. The legislation primarily ensures minors, who possess sexually explicit cellphone images or send them to other teens, avoid severe criminal charges and punishments. Laws don't entirely excuse sexting between underage individuals, but take into account the behavior may be more foolish than predatory.

Wisconsin and U.S. substance use and abuse rates

A September 2014 state report showed Wisconsin alcohol and drug abuse rates since 2000 have been among the highest in the nation. More people who admittedly drink and drive and binge drinkers reside in Wisconsin than anywhere else in the country. Drug-related fatalities statewide increased nearly 100 percent between 2004 and 2012.

What is the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act?

Until passage of the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act, states did not have uniform guidelines for categorizing sex offenders. A National Sex Offender Registry, known as the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act, was outlined in Title 1 of the 2006 Adam Walsh Act.

Proof of intent is crucial to an embezzlement case

Most Milwaukee employees strive to perform work duties with as few blunders as possible, but even the most committed workers make mistakes. Among the least forgivable errors is the mishandling of company money. Penalties for financial oversights may include disciplinary action, job loss and even criminal charges.

Wisconsin restaurant owner faces new sex crime charges

A Wisconsin restaurant owner with a history of sexual crime convictions is once again in trouble with the law. The 61-year-old man, who owns Gyros & More in Neenah, was charged last month with soliciting prostitutes, prostitution and bail jumping. The man allegedly paid one of his female employees to have sex with him. The defendant was already awaiting trial, which is set to start later this month, for having unwanted sexual contact with an employee.

How business email scams can produce false fraud charges

Milwaukee companies often do business on a global scale, something that was a fairly complex undertaking until the Internet opened up instant, worldwide communication. The benefit of facilitated international trade also has come with substantial economic risks. The movement of money between countries can make businesses and their employees vulnerable to criminal charges.

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