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January 2016 Archives

Sex offender residency ordinance passed by Milwaukee's Common Council

There are many things that can pose significant challenges for individuals convicted of sex offenses. One of these is something we discussed previously on this blog, local ordinances restricting sex offender residency. Recently, a rather restrictive version of this type of ordinance was passed by Milwaukee's Common Council.

What You Need To Know About Wisconsin's Marijuana Laws

There is little debate about the fact that drug laws and policies in the United States evolve frequently. Currently, both federal and state prosecutors are increasingly questioning the use of draconian sentencing laws that impose lengthy prison sentences for non-violent drug offenders. Many states are legalizing marijuana for medical use (and sometimes recreational use), while others are decriminalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana.

Registered sex offenders and photography

A person's life can change significantly after being convicted of a sex offense in Wisconsin. One reason for this is that, typically, one of the results of such a conviction is having to register as a sex offender. There are a variety of restrictions registered sex offenders are subject to in Wisconsin. It is very important for individuals who are under a sex offender registration requirement in the state to be aware of these restrictions, as violating them can have incredibly serious consequences.

Bill proposes change to Wisconsin law on DNA samples

Unique issues can come up for individuals facing violent crime allegations. One reason this is the case is because special rules apply to certain types of violent crime cases. For example, certain types of violent crime accusations and arrests trigger special requirements regarding what a suspect will be subjected to.

Does an identity theft have to be aimed at financial gain to be illegal?

Serious charges can result from being accused of committing identity theft here in Wisconsin. One of the main types of identity-theft-related offenses in the state is unauthorized use of the personal identifying documents/information of an individual. A charge of this offense is a Class H felony charge. If convicted of a charge of this felony class, a person generally can be given a prison sentence of up to six years, a fine of up to $10,000 or both.

Promptly seeking help important when facing robbery charges

So much can be in the balance for a person when they are facing robbery charges. The penalties connected to robbery convictions are severe. And, as we note on our robbery charges page, there are certain circumstances under which a robbery suspect can face even bigger penalties than usual if convicted, such as if the robbery allegations brought against them are armed robbery accusations. Being sentenced to many years in prison is not out of the question in relation to a robbery conviction.

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